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Professor emeritus dies at 89

first_imgEdward Vasta, professor emeritus of English at Notre Dame, died Monday at the age of 89, according to a University press release.Vasta served in the U.S. Navy from 1946 through 1948, and earned a Fulbright Scholarship after graduating from Notre Dame in 1952 and returned to the University as a faculty member in 1958. He specialized in Middle English literature, medieval studies, creative writing and the humanities, the press release said.Vasta was the head of the department of English at Notre Dame from 1972 to 1978 after serving as director of graduate studies from 1966 to 1969.“Vasta had an infectious passion for literature, especially poetry,” Jacqueline Vaught Brogan, professor emerita of English, said in the press release. “My discussions with him over the latter remain among the high points of my time at Notre Dame and influenced my own creativity, for which I am grateful. His personal attention was an inspiration to many. He is sorely missed.”According to the release, funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, with visitation one hour prior at the McGann Hay University Chapel. A burial with military honors will follow at Cedar Grove Cemetery.Tags: department of english, Edward Vasta, professor emeritus, professor emeritus dieslast_img read more


Bush seeks judges with ‘integrity’

first_imgBush seeks judges with ‘integrity’ Bush seeks judges with ‘integrity’ Senior Editor Gov. Jeb Bush is unapologetic in saying when he appoints judges, he is looking for lawyers who share his judicial philosophy.But, he is quick to add, that’s not the same thing as political philosophy.Speaking at the September 26 Judicial Nominating Commission training seminar in Orlando, Bush — who addressed the commissioners along with Supreme Court Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead and Bar President Miles McGrane — said he would rather appoint a political liberal than a conservative if the liberal believed in judicial restraint.“So long as the person is of high integrity and is well qualified, I’m looking for people who share my philosophy: respect the separation of powers and recognize the judiciary has an important role,” the governor said. “They don’t need to be legislating, even if our legislature is imperfect, even if the governor is a crazy son of a gun. The judiciary’s role is not to clean up after my frailties or the weakness of the legislature.”Other qualities Bush said he looks for in judicial appointees are integrity, diversity, and demeanor.“Diversity is very important to me,” he said. “It’s important when people come into a courtroom that they don’t see white guys all the time, to be blunt about it. I think the judiciary needs to represent the great diversity of our state.”As for ethical standards, “To me, integrity is the most important thing in public life,” Bush said. “High ethical standards are truly important. There’s no single way to describe that or define it.. . . You know it when you see it. Integrity rings out.”The governor had a simple definition for demeanor: good manners.“I think people in public life need to have good manners. They need to be people who show a demeanor that recognizes they are servants, not masters, they have a servant’s part,” he said. “There are ways that judges can do this that put people at ease.“.. . . Robe-itis, or whatever that disease is called, should be purged from the judiciary.. . . They have to have the demeanor to treat people respectfully, treat people as though they are the servant, not the master.”That, Bush said, would make the courts less daunting to people who are generally scared and in court because something bad is happening in their lives.Anstead talked about two qualities he said JNCs should look for when interviewing candidates, and the importance of an impartial judiciary.“Those qualities are integrity and character,” the chief justice said. “That is the basis for everything else that anyone does when they are in a position of responsibility.“If they are people of integrity and they are people of good character, they will do all of the other things that we consider. They will be educated, they will consider both sides, they will be prepared, they will keep up on their education. They are people who take care of their families.”The task would be easier, Anstead said, if there was a Geiger counter-type device that could measure character and integrity. Instead, “We’re all still human beings and we have to do this human evaluation,” he said. “But I think we’re fairly good at that.”He said JNC members as well as judges and others have to step up to educate the public about the role of the courts. And while it’s fine to talk about such notions as judicial independence and the rule of law, it needs to be put into terms that people understand.“All that independence of the judiciary means is that there are judges on the bench who are fair and neutral going in to adjudicating any dispute,” Anstead said. “The poorest person in our society and the wealthiest head of the biggest corporation in our society can be assured that the person who has the responsibility for adjudicating that dispute will be fair and neutral in considering the merits of that dispute.”He criticized recent battles in Congress over federal judicial appointments, saying both parties seem to want partisan judicial appointees. “That is the total opposite of the independence and responsibility of the judicial branch,” he said. “Partisanship is the very opposite of the basic and fundamental quality of what a good judge should be and what the first responsibility should be of that good judge.”The duties of the judicial branch have received heightened attention since September 11, Anstead said, notably from President Bush.“Our president soon after 9/11 and thereafter has stressed to the rest of the world that. . . the rule of law is really the best insulation that we could ever have against lawlessness and terrorism,” he said.McGrane said the goal of the JNCs should be to provide the governor with a list of nominees so that “if he closed his eyes and threw a dart, he would come up with a good one.”That’s also the Bar’s goals when it submits lists of candidates to the governor for appointment to the JNCs. Under a law passed about three years ago, the Bar nominates three lawyers each for four seats on each of the 26 JNCs, with Bush making the final choice. Bush directly fills the other five seats.He asked the lawyers in the audience to help the Bar find qualified potential JNC members who meet the Bar and Bush’s goal of improving diversity. Work has already begun on setting up screening committees who will review applicants for board action next spring, and McGrane urged lawyers in the room to encourage others to apply when the Bar begins accepting applications early next year.“We’re serious, we need applicants. That’s where you get your diversity. The more people who apply, the more you have to choose from, the better it is,” he said. “Go back to your communities and local bars and drum up people to apply for the JNCs.. . . “We’re going to do our best to send a pool of applicants so the governor can throw a dart and come up with good JNC members.”McGrane, who served on the 11th Circuit JNC, also reminded members of the “awesome” responsibility they have in screening judicial applicants, particularly those for circuit judgeships. Circuit judges, he noted, have the authority to take property, liberty, homes, decide child custody disputes, make divorce settlements, and, in capital cases, order an execution.He recalled that one lawyer he served with on the JNC always asked if a lawyer applicant would forget what it was like to practice law if he or she was appointed, about the need to be on time and be prepared. “That is the type of judge we are looking for, who doesn’t forget what it’s like to practice law,” McGrane said.The Bar president also agreed with Bush that the JNCs should submit more rather than fewer nominees. State law allows JNCs to submit between three and six names, and Bush said he prefers to get six.McGrane said sending up more names tells those who were nominated but not appointed that they are good enough, and it encourages them to reapply. “I think that is a good thing,” he added. “I think that is a hopeful message to send.”The seminar was co-sponsored by the Governor’s Office and the Bar’s Judicial Nominating Procedures Committee.Topics ranged from a review of the JNC process and how to conduct an interview, to ethics and the importance of diversity. October 15, 2003 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more


Smithtown Woman Dies After Car Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An 80-year-old Smithtown woman died after a car crash that injured two others in Hauppauge on Sunday night.Suffolk County police said John Gilmartin, 51, was driving his Toyota Corolla westbound on Veterans Memorial Highway with his mother, Elizabeth, when their car collided with an eastbound Ford Mustang that was making a left onto Route 111 at 8:30 p.m.The victim was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital, where she died on Monday.Her son and the driver of the Mustang, 23-year-old Nikki Torres of Ronkonkoma, were taken to the same hospital, where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.Fourth Squad detectives ask anyone who may have witnessed this crash to call them at 631-854-8452.last_img read more


A unique Croatian product – the Historion room – was presented at the Pannonian Wood Competence Center

first_imgThe Virovitica-based company Palković presented a new product to the public at the Pannonian Wood Competence Center in Virovitica, the ecological hotel model room “Historion” designed by Krunoslav Kovač.The Palković model room project was developed by Palković in cooperation with the Pannonian Wood Competence Center, and was co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture based on the allocation of small value aid to encourage the development of wood processing and furniture production in Croatia in 2017. “Our goal was to create a Croatian hotel room, of well-known origin and author, with HR elements, Slavonian oak, Croatian design, Croatian manufacturer, innovative approach, with the implementation of cultural heritage elements, and the application of advanced technologies in design and production and ecological performance.”  pointed out Ivana Filipović, director of the Pannonian Wood Competence Center for the Historion model room project.The light motif of the whole concept is based on the implementation of cultural heritage elements – stylized symbols on the Orion vessel (the oldest European calendar dating from 2.600 BC and found at the site of the archeological site in Vinkovci and part of the Vučedol culture. So seven signs are shown on the vessel. Orion can be found on individual pieces of furniture and accompanying facilities that form a whole presentation of Croatian history. “By combining historical elements and modern technology, we wanted to send the message that the entire project of the model room is based on Croatian cultural heritage. ” emphasized the designer and author of the Historiona project, Krunoslav Kovač, and added that this room has its own peculiarities. ” The lamps have USB ports, and the light in the closet turns on automatically and after closing the door, after 15 seconds – just turns off. Much like in the “fridge”. These innovations are a novelty in Croatia. ” concluded Kovac.With this product, we wanted to send a message to hotel guests to stay in spaces that have a multifaceted message based on the original Croatian heritage. “We want to present foreign and domestic tourists with an original, traditional, functional Croatian interior. The furniture is fully compliant with applicable legislation – pointed out Željko Palković, director and owner of the Palković company.Until now, the company Palković doo was mostly based on the production of panel furniture, but they also wanted a kind of turnaround. ”I came up with the idea to start producing something completely new, to develop a completely new concept of market turning. After contacting the designer Krunoslav Kovač, we came up with the idea to produce this massive hotel room, while we agreed with the Pannonian Wood Competence Center to design and design this model room. We are satisfied with what has been done. ” Palkovic concludes.The presentation in Virovitica, which was also attended by Virovitica-Podravina County Prefect Igor Andrović with deputies Marija Klement and Darko Žužak, as well as the Mayor of Virovitica Ivica Kirin, was attended by potential buyers of Historion, from Croatia and Austria.- This is proof of how top products can be produced in our environment, because in Virovitica-Podravina County, with a long rich tradition of wood processing sector, we have a modern Pannonian Wood Competence Center where no idea is impossible, which is best seen from the example of Historion – said, among other things, Virovitica-Podravina County Prefect Igor Andrović.Apparently, the exemplary room Historion, in terms of quality of performance, belongs to the category of rooms with four or five stars. In Palković, they hope that this performance, a completely Croatian product, from idea to realization, will satisfy future customers with the production of future capacities that will create new jobs because they could equip dozens of hotels with this completely Croatian product annually.Related news:HOTEL ESPLANADE RECOGNIZED THE QUALITY OF CROATIAN FASHION DESIGN AND CREATED A COLLECTION OF NEW UNIFORMS FOR HOTEL RECEPTION EMPLOYEESLUXURY TOURISM IS NOT GOLDEN FAUCETS BUT QUALITY DESIGNCROATIAN DESIGN AS A TOURIST PRODUCT?EXCELLENT COOPERATION! PRIMA FURNITURE EQUIPPED BLUESUN 5-STAR HOTELSlast_img read more


Award-winning home achieves an emotional multi-million auction result for first-time bidders

first_imgFormer Fone Zone CEO David McMahon with his wife Tracey are happy with the result of today’s sale. Photo: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian“They made the decision to sell the property,” Mrs Hackett said.“David and Tracey are both very business minded — very easy to deal with, very logical people. They met the market — they were open to feedback,” she said.Follow Kieran Clair on Twitter at @kieranclair Place CEO, Damian Hackett, fielded phone bids from the active underbidder at today’s event. Photo: AAP Image/Claudia BaxterFrom there, two active bidders dominated proceedings before a pause to seek further instructions was called at $5.925 million.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investorless than 1 hour agoThe auction was then reopened with the home declared, “on the market” after the top bidder raised their offer to $5.975 million.And there it stayed for the fall of the hammer.The buyers became emotional as their auction success sunk in.Place managing director, Sarah Hackett, said it was the first time the regionally-based couple had ever bought a property at auction.“He had been to plenty of cattle auctions buying cattle, so he said, ‘I’ll be right. I know what to do,’” Mrs Hackett said.Mrs Hackett said the buyers had been looking for a new home for around 12-months.“They’ve got a young family — two boys — and they felt emotionally connected to the property,” she said.Mrs Hackett said the vendors were happy with the result, despite accepting a price below their original purchase amount. “Cremorne” at 34 Mullens Street Hamilton Brisbane has achieved a multimillion-dollar result at auction todayONE of Brisbane’s most eye-catching properties has achieved sales success, fetching $5.975 million at today’s in room auction.Built in 1905, Cremorne at 34 Mullens St, Hamilton, is the combination of a grand colonial residence and a contemporary architectural extension.The landmark property was being sold by Fone Zone co-founder David McMahon and his wife, Tracey who have now moved to Aspen, Colorado.Property records reveal the home last sold in December 2015 for $6.625 million.Before today’s event, Place auctioneer Peter Burgin said with four registered bidders, he was optimistic about a successful outcome.“I think it’s the right time in the market for this property. The campaign this time around has been a lot stronger in terms of depth of interest,” Mr Burgin said.Proceedings were then underway, with the opening offer of $3 million raised to $5 million within three quick bids.last_img read more


Dutch social partners and government reach agreement on retirement age

first_imgTuur Elzinga, FNVThe new steering group will also seek to ensure that workers who are negatively affected by the move from average to degressive pensions accrual are compensated.As the government has made clear that it will not contribute to the transition costs, the redistribution issue must be solved within individual pension funds, according to Tuur Elzinga, the FNV’s lead negotiator.The costs of transition have been estimated to range from €25bn to €100bn, depending on the degree of compensation.Part of the pensions agreement would also allow workers to take out a lump sum of up to 10% at retirement to help pay off a mortgage, according to the ministry for social affairs. Credit: Mark PrinsWouter Koolmees, Dutch social affairs ministerThe pension negotiators agreed to slow down the increase of the retirement age for the state pension (AOW) by three years, to reach 67 in 2024.The current AOW retirement age of 66 years and four months is to be fixed for two years.In addition, the government’s plan to raise the retirement age by one year for every year of additional longevity after 2024 is to be reduced to eight months for every year of extra life expectancy.The decision carried an annual price tag of €5bn for the government, said Koolmees.The government also promised that workers in physically demanding jobs would be allowed to retire up to three years earlier, and the current tax burden for employers that allowed workers to take early retirement would be eased temporarily.In his letter, the minister said that the individual sectors must establish which occupations would be subject to the option of early retirement, and that schemes must be financed by employers.Pensions accrual for self-employed workers would not be made mandatory, but made easier.FNV, the Netherlands’ largest trade union, said it would put the negotiation results to its members, who can have their final say on 15 June.In the past, negotiation results have been rejected by unions’ members. Pensioners and port workers in particular have already made it clear that they do not support the draft decision.Pension contractThe negotiators have not agreed on reforms to the Netherlands’ second pillar, but have set up a steering group with representatives of the government and the social partners to develop two options for a new pensions contract.In his letter to parliament, Koolmees said that one option would focus on individual pensions accrual combined with a collective benefits phase – the option favoured by the Dutch government.The other would aim for a collective defined contribution accrual method without financial buffers or nominal guarantees, he said.The new contracts, however, would only be completed once all variable factors were established, including assumptions for future returns for pension funds and the discount rate for liabilities.A dedicated committee – chaired by former finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem – has already started looking at the possibility of an adjustment of the discount rate for liabilities, which currently stands at 2.3%. The committee is also expected to come up with new return parameters.Degressive accrual The two large metal and engineering sector schemes PMT and PME, which both have funding levels just hovering above 100%, were among the pension funds that were facing rights discounts next year before Koolmees’ decision.Retirement agecenter_img Dutch employers, unions and the government unexpectedly reached an agreement in principle on elements of pension system reform last night, with concrete decision made on the state retirement age and retirement options for workers in physically demanding jobs.The parties also agreed to create a dedicated steering group to flesh out a new pensions contract, as well as how the current average pensions accrual method was to be replaced by a degressive method.In addition, Wouter Koolmees, the minister for social affairs, said in a letter to parliament that he would temporarily ease the rules for pension benefit cuts by reducing the minimum required funding ratio for pension schemes from 104.2% to 100%. He said that the adjustment of the rules would significantly reduce the prospect of cuts.It means that, during the transition to a new pensions system, only pension funds with a coverage ratio of less than 100% for the past five years will have to apply unconditional benefit cuts to improve their funding level to 100%.last_img read more


AUCTIONS: Top 3 waterfront homes on the Gold Coast going under the hammer

first_img14 Anglers Esplanade, Runaway Bay. 14 Anglers Esplanade, Runaway Bay. 1/2 Wells St, Southport.HOUSE hunters looking for waterfront properties are in luck with several set to go under the hammer this weekend.An unusual apartment at Southport is tipped to attract plenty of bidders at midday on Saturday.It takes up the ground floor of the two-storey property at 2 Wells St and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. 1/2 Wells St, Southport. 24 Cabana Boulevard, Benowa Waters.“The main thing is that it’s a single level property on main river, that’s been a big selling point,” she said.“We’ve had fairly strong interest in it, with lots of Chinese buyers looking at it.”It has high ceilings, white marble floors and outside, an entertainment deck and pool overlooking the river. 14 Anglers Esplanade, Runaway Bay.“It’s got water on both sides and that’s the most appealing part,” Mrs Fisher said.She said the top level of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home had been renovated while the ground floor offered a self-contained flat.The original timber flooring, which has been reinvigorated with a polyurethane coating, is a standout feature.“I’ve had a reasonable amount of interest considering it is a bit quieter at the moment,” Mrs Fisher said.On Sunday, a Benowa Waters property will hit the auction block at 11am.Ray White Benowa agent Carita Lanham said it was the position of the property at 24 Cabana Boulevard that was attracting people.center_img 24 Cabana Boulevard, Benowa Waters. 24 Cabana Boulevard, Benowa Waters. 1/2 Wells St, Southport.Ray White Prestige Gold Coast agent Sherry Smith said its riverfront position with parkland and skyline views made it appealing to prospective buyers.“It’s one of two on a corner position,” she said.“It’s brand new, never been lived in and has got underground parking.“We’ve had very good interest, it’s because it’s an unusual property.”More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa16 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoNeutral tones, timber flooring and imported Italian tiles give it a classy finish while feature lighting and quality appliances offer a sense of luxury.A Runaway Bay home will also go to auction on midday.Marketing agent Pam Fisher, of Professionals Vertullo Real Estate, said frontage to both the canal and Broadwater was the property at 14 Anglers Esplanade’s biggest selling point. 1/2 Wells St, Southport.last_img read more


Lady Trojans Defeat Lady Spartans

first_imgECVB traveled to Connersville last night. JV won in 2, Varsity needed 4.EC vs Connersville 9-25-18‘It was ugly on our side of the net. We were going through the motions instead of really playing our game. If you look at the team stats, they beat us in almost every category. We were lucky to walk out with the win last night against a very strong and determined Connersville team.’ Trojans Coach Cassie Laker.Varsity is now 21-2 on the season and 11-1 in the EIAC.Next: at Milan tomorrow at 5:30.last_img read more


EF2 tornado confirmed in Rush County

first_imgRushville, IN—Initial reports from the National Weather Service is that the Tornado that hit Rush County Saturday, was an EF2 with wind speeds reaching as high as 120-130 mph. The path was approximately 13 miles.Officials are asking people to stay clear of the area unless necessary to allow officials to assist in recovery and cleanup efforts.last_img


Stoke linked with El Ouriachi

first_imgStoke are set to complete their third signing from Barcelona in less than two years, according to the agent of Morroccan winger Moha El Ouriachi. Press Association “We thank Barca for the deal they offered the player and the efforts they have gone to try to renew his contract,” El Ouriachi’s agent, Raul Verdu, told Catalan newspaper Sport. “But another proposal was really interesting on both a professional and economic level. “Moha has the option of joining the first team squad at Stoke and that was irresistible.” El Ouriachi has represented Spain at youth level and Sport reported that Stoke have agreed to pay the necessary training compensation to bring the pacey left winger to the Barclays Premier League. Both Bojan and Muniesa have settled well at Stoke, although the former – who had scored five goals in 18 appearances following his shock move last summer – was ruled out for the rest of the season after damaging cruciate knee ligaments in an FA Cup tie at Rochdale in January. Defender Muniesa has made nearly 40 appearances since joining from Barcelona in the summer of 2013 but has not featured since tearing a hamstring in the FA Cup defeat at Blackburn in February. Peter Odemwingie hopes to play for Stoke again before the end of the season after battling back from a serious injury. The Nigerian striker, who made a significant impact during the second half of last season when he joined the Potters in a swap deal with Kenwyne Jones, has been out with cruciate knee ligament damage since the end of August. “I’m joining the team (in training) again and it’s a big step in my rehab,” Odemwingie told Sky Sports News HQ. “It’s just a bit over six months and I’m really pleased because it’s a bit earlier than some players. “I hope to be mentally right but it looks OK. “I’m not scared and hopefully I can get one or two games before the end of the season.” Odemwingie, 33, scored five goals in 15 games after joining from Cardiff in January 2014 but was injured soon after playing for Nigeria at last summer’s World Cup in Brazil. Hughes has confirmed Victor Moses is unlikely to play again this season. The winger, who has spent the season on loan from Chelsea and has made 23 appearances for the Potters, suffered a recurrence of a hamstring injury in last weekend’s 1-1 Barclays Premier League draw at West Ham. It is understood Hughes will press ahead with plans to sign the Nigeria international on a permanent basis this summer but, for now, the 24-year-old has returned to his parent club for treatment. “It may well be that Victor’s season is over unfortunately because of the type of injury he has got,” Hughes told the club’s official website, “He might get back but at the moment we’re probably thinking that he won’t make it. “It’s a shame because Victor has done really well since he’s been with us. “He was our shining light in the early part of the season and then unfortunately he got a couple of quite serious injuries that held him back, and in the end he hasn’t been able to finish the season with us. “He’ll look back on his time with us and think he’s made an impression and done well and we’d agree with that because he’s been a really important figure for us this season.” Potters manager Mark Hughes, the former Barcelona striker, has already snapped up Bojan Krkic and Marc Muniesa from the Nou Camp and teenager El Ouriachi now looks to be on his way to the Britannia Stadium this summer. The 19-year-old Barcelona B player is apparently keen to seek first-team action rather than extend his contract with the Spanish giants. last_img read more