Shanghai dragon

solution, the fact that these two methods are not ideal first, work (orders) are important, but the problem is that Shanghai dragon is going on with the result of the success of the last, such contradictions encountered "work (orders) and abandon principle" approach is very difficult to guarantee the ultimate success of Shanghai Longfeng work finally, people will leave the people are not sincere, is completely. What is worse, others think you are not professional, is cheating.

and second kinds of attitude is also not desirable, so people can not let people really accept your opinion — such outcomes do not pay attention to the way of communication will only make more of your leadership is not assured (or lost list), and so the debate way (even if you are cited by according to the code) can not prove professional and principle of you this Shanghai dragon ER, and will only give the impression that you "die head stubborn" (Kunming dialect, "stubborn, difficult to communicate") the strong impression of (unfortunately, gouyn12 is also have this problem).

we must recognize that such a situation occurs, is still the leading (or employer) lack of the inevitable result of the Shanghai dragon ER trust, in this case, a simple statement does not really solve the problem for you trust each other enough.

friends complain on QQ, in the Shanghai dragon plan discussion unit website, leadership is obviously not understand Shanghai Longfeng professional knowledge, can from the website of Shanghai Longfeng angle for the company website to consider professional advice but has been unable to persuade each other, this situation makes him feel very frustrated, very confused.

must have many Shanghai dragon ER have encountered such a situation (whether work or orders process), and it can be expected that, with the Shanghai Longfeng hot, this situation will be more and more, because the Shanghai dragon is not just a simple change of its website, and the website development goals and the overall site plan is closely related to the "domino" – even ZAC said with emotion: "not good treatment with other department…… Responsible for the Shanghai dragon is at least VP level, otherwise it is sometimes difficult to promote".

ER professional opinions are not adopted, painful

and ER often currently Shanghai Longfeng way of dealing with this situation probably has two kinds, one is to work (orders), and fully accommodate leader (or employer) incorrect opinions; one is that our professional opinions, no bad heart, a top dead, don’t pay attention to strategies the result is very poor.


, therefore, should show their attitude, but must pay attention to the situation, grasp the way of expression, but also to empathy, "they consider standing in the position of the other side (leadership or employer) why want to do so, he hopes to achieve" Shanghai Dragon