is undoubtedly the search engine more friendly, more conducive to the analysis of the structure of the site search engine. The URL can make the search engine more easily understand your site, URL is not too long and try to contain the keyword Pinyin, that will make your pages easier to search. In addition, clean, clear the web page layout can increase the depth of user’s browsing, not easily jump out of your website, so the search engine will give a higher score of

is now a variety of online training materials of Shanghai Longfeng everywhere, so many novice in reading some of Shanghai dragon tutorial, often feel excited conceal the original Shanghai dragon is so simple, is nothing more than the chain for the emperor King content. In fact, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance believes that although the chain and content is the most important point in the Shanghai dragon, but really need to pay attention to details and experience, often put you behind the opponent is perhaps the Shanghai dragon is in the process of you ignore the details".


The development of

today, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance is the most easily overlooked details of Shanghai Longfeng sorted out, for example, perhaps not very detailed, but just to give you a warning to avoid making the same mistakes:

website, the website is caused by dead links often inadvertently, or because of various reasons add up the. Anyway, no matter what reason is dead link on the search engine is very friendly, a lot of dead link the spider into a dead end, thereby reducing the search engine friendliness of the site to reduce the effective page crawling. Tai Chi circle advertising alliance Shanghai Longfeng Er to use dead link webmaster tools to check the website, timely delete and correct.

third: no dead links

now but a share of the era, is also an advocate of free speech of the times, more simple and efficient way to share and comment on the way to your website will undoubtedly bring more promotion and better user experience. Especially recently even the love of Shanghai add a share of the thumb in the search results back, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance that still has certain help to the Shanghai dragon.

This is the Shanghai dragon in the death of a taboo on the

to record the daily website, because it can give you a better understanding of their own records, can let you develop better habits and greater confidence. The record can also make a clear understanding of what is the effect of website optimization method, which is doing when you record for a period of time you will find the development path from the website, each pay their own have a corresponding return. Shanghai dragon Er to form a good habit in fact is a kind of optimization side on site, because the site is what you need to artificially manipulate and direct your habits affect the development of the website


sharing tools First, learn to record Site structure clear

second, a clear structure

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