remember many years ago, to join the army to go forward with great strength and vigour of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon for the time, that time every thing to do is to turn over the size of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, see predecessors footsteps, learning the experience of their predecessors, presumably such things, big home may have experienced, just in the experience of the process there will inevitably be detours, the choice of the domain name space to buy keywords???



for beginners to learn Shanghai, the most easy to mistake is I think of reading and learning, for beginners to learn Shanghai dragon is the first after reading practice, at times the size of Shanghai dragon forum, see gossip, do not start, so, my suggestion is that if you want to quickly learn the Shanghai Dragon, the first thing that is to the actual intervention, Shanghai dragon and website are inseparable. The website how to continue to look down,


year, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Steamed Buns quite a few detours, as a rookie Shanghai dragon, is not an easy thing in front of the hard road, the slightest mistake, it will be a waste of ten days or even months of hard work, if you can avoid detours, quickly into the Shanghai dragon industry. Today is our problem, if you are a beginner or rookie Shanghai dragon, please continue reading this article, this article will give you many detours, if you are a master or from Shanghai Shanghai dragon has marched into the ranks of dragon SEM management, please WS this article and XX off, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Steamed Buns can don’t want to waste your precious time.

to build a website, we must start from the basics, Shanghai dragon is not a day to learn, but one day will be able to understand the need to build a website, you need to understand the domain name, space / server, DNS, web applications, web applications to upload the required FTP software website program for beginners ZBLOG, WRODPRESS, EMBLOG that is a good choice, like Wuhan Shanghai dragon Steamed Buns is used in ZBLOG, very good! We need to learn a simple code, HTML, ASP, DIV+CSS style code does not need to understand, at least, need to know, as well as PHP, database, website move; Shanghai dragon in our code. The query commonly used site, domain, inurl etc.; website optimization often contact terms, 404 pages, 301 redirect, robots, nofollow, Links, site map, The search engine status code, included, index, ranking; what is death, how to deal with the chain? Chain, sprocket form, the release of the soft, like the Shanghai dragon QuickStart articles, we will try to copy writing, we in order to let Shanghai dragon to do better the position, also needs to have the understand love in Shanghai know, Post Bar, social marketing.