three, Title is very important.

two, before doing keyword keyword selection is the basis of optimization.

Title tag to contain the keywords, concise, such as my station is Shanghai dragon _ Shanghai dragon _ Optimization Website Optimization _ search engine optimization. The title tag is very important, at least for the love of Shanghai. As for the noble baby rankings, in addition to the above, site high weight, also directly affect the relevant keywords ranking, so Shanghai must grasp the Dragon ER.

web page content to do it, Shanghai dragon ER the next step is to improve the site keywords ranking, bring traffic to your site. But to improve keyword rankings is a system engineering, from the beginning to the end have to pay attention to the details. Let’s talk about how to improve the site keywords ranking:


we know that in the search engine retrieval is achieved through the keyword of the input information. Therefore, as its name implies, is really the key words. It is the website login process is the most basic, the most important step, is the basis for our website optimization, so I cannot overemphasize the importance of. Here are several best website optimization keyword ranking method.

, the best pure static web page.

> After the

B H Alt tag can be appropriate to add the appropriate keyword, remember, oh! But don’t overdo it, you know. Write articles or reproduced the best original articles best also appear several key words, as for several key words to appear, where ER, Shanghai dragon you have to yourself.

if the keywords do not, then the other to do better, your key word also ranked row. For example, I optimize the station first determine the center of the word Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and then use the keyword tool to find the right key, right here refers to the related, such as website optimization and search engine optimization. Also it is necessary for the good of Shanghai Longfeng tool 贵族宝贝fengzhidui贵族宝贝/ to join favorites to repeat using the query, we have to learn to labor.


keyword density is too small a little weight, keyword ranking couldn’t get bogged down, or keyword density too big keywords ranking up, but soon he was in love with the sea K to support fast, absolutely not go the. So the keyword density must grasp, do practical content, not to engage in cheating, this is how long do stand.

five, the position is also very important.

four, keyword density is also high on the weight ranking, general control in 2%-8%.

as a web site optimization personnel all know static page to search engines. However, dynamic pages take the best, to generate pseudo static pages, this approach is conducive to optimization.