website, with the love of Shanghai and noble baby Webmaster Tools similar verification method.


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Several major search engines (

Webmaster Tools:


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝

verification is completed, your site will appear on the website administrator background page, click into the dashboard.





noble baby Webmaster Tools: https://s.贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/home hl=zh-CN


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Bing Webmaster Tools Guide:

link details can be listed up to 2000 pages from the chain, since YAHOO out of Chinese, we want to query the site outside the chain is more and more trouble, we still have to make use of foreign opensiteexplorer and backlinkwatch query tools to tea, Bing launched the chain query tool, we have one more choice.

first Bing landing site administrator background, the need to register an account of what, here not elaborate, add a site to enter your site in the bottom.


, Bing, noble love Shanghai baby) have launched their own webmaster tools, I believe many of my friends have been used, they each have their own characteristics, today is a brief introduction of functional demonstration methods using Bing webmaster tools and some good.

noble baby?

Bing Webmaster Tools: 贵族宝贝cn.bing贵族宝贝/toolbox/webmaster


dashboard which probably lists the details of the website, the search key is your site every day by keyword search times and the number of clicks.


inbound links are website chain number and the source website, click on the back of the number of links you can view detailed information link.