Figure 1:

analysis: the love of Shanghai update to high quality content better ranking, but now this is only temporary, will not last long, the 80% station will soon be restored! So webmaster friends do not have to worry too much about a ranking of your site, a lot of keywords ranking off, it is only temporary, maybe a few minutes after your keywords returned to that position yesterday, and significantly enhance the webmaster friends for keywords ranking, also do not.

from the beginning of the afternoon, has been changing constantly in the query keywords, find a lot of words are picked up, your site key has an obvious rebound. Those who love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Wikipedia, ask soso, Sina blog and classification of information have been cleaned the home page. However, keyword ranking has been out of an unstable phenomenon, from the words "business", half an hour ranking and had the obvious change, to see if we cut a figure, perhaps it will have a different ranking, do not believe you to check.

today is the same as before, the morning to open the computer to query some website, mainly to see the website snapshot, included, reverse link, ranking, but to everyone’s surprise is the keyword ranking, webmaster reaction most of its own web site keywords are out, logically speaking, we can not say the words are back off, there should be some friends down some keywords, keyword ranking up, but found that the row up love of Shanghai’s own products and some other authoritative web pages, and for the weight of relatively high site hasn’t affected, if the weight is relatively low for some enterprises station. Some phenomena of love Shanghai update today are the following:


2: home almost all of Shanghai love their products and some weight high website pages, such as: love, love Shanghai Shanghai know Wikipedia, Soso Ask, Sina blog and some classified information etc..

Figure two:

3 phenomenon: many did not take the WWW domain have good rankings. Query by Changsha wedding photography, electric district, Xiamen logistics network and some key words, found that many sites are not www row on the home page, believe that many webmaster promotion with WWW domain, but the domain name without the WWW row up, let many webmaster hard to imagine.

Keywords: 1

phenomenon has declined. This is the most obvious, many webmaster friends complain in the group, love Shanghai aunt again.

4: rank did not stand out basically is the old name, not pay attention to the quality of the chain number! Keyword ranking out of all some of the weight of small business station, weight high website did not affected.