construction site in Webmaster, will be exposed to a variety of elements, all aspects of the site where the site structure is a very important link on website structure does not deny that some people will ignore, but the structure of the website can involve many aspects of the site in Zhengzhou, website optimization, optimization on the structure of the site is also essential, even some webmaster will structure into a separate optimization focus on website structure shows the importance that we do not have to talk about, including web site later the user experience is good will largely depend on the structure of the site, if the site according to the user’s operating habits, joint search engine grab the state, so the website will naturally by users, so the site should have a clear structure and simple navigation, so The user can find the corresponding content in the shortest period of time, but also can promote the search engines on the site and collected information. Said so much, then how should we deploy on website structure in order to achieve a win-win? Don’t worry, look down.

said the next one all the more common, it is the site of the breadcrumb navigation, I believe we are in contact with this type of navigation, a breadcrumb navigation can be said harmless, the website structure is simple and clear is to users in the shortest time to find the required information, then the breadcrumb navigation it can be very good to guide users on the website browsing convenient, inform the current location of the user information, the user will not get lost in the station, through the breadcrumb deployment, users can clearly know the specific location of their pages throughout the site, but also convenient for users on a return. On the other hand, also.


we talked about the page loading speed, there are many factors leading to this phenomenon, which is a very important factor is in the web page in the deployment of a large number of pictures of flash documents, although to a certain extent to enhance the visual effects of the website, but also because the file is too large. Affect the page loading time, including sites such as JS, suggest that as much as possible to reduce the number of such files by div+css, to better meet the search engines crawl, including the site of the 404 page and so on, can enhance the user experience degree to a certain extent.

is the first to say the layout problem in the construction site before, have their own ideas for the site layout of each station, but some for personalized website and contrary to the out of the ordinary outstanding operation habit of the user to stand on the internal department, such behavior is counterproductive, we must first ensure that resentment in the user to open the page the first impression is not, this website will have the opportunity to retain users, including the page load time early, if the time is too long, may cause the user directly off the page, in the section of the deployment should follow the habits of users to design a violation of user experience of the website will not improve.