, Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane decided not to take part in the training is not necessarily a bad school Shanghai dragon, after all this is to look at the person to judge. I think there are two main types:

two, do not participate in the training school is not good Shanghai dragon

in the Internet industry, networking is very important for us. In fact, the teacher gave us is some basic knowledge and thinking of things, but the key is through the training of this platform, we can make the Internet industry friends, we come together to exchange and learning, in order to expand their network. After all, the strength of the team is better than individual.

said that success is going to copy others’ experience and lessons. Although the experience is accumulated by slowly, but if there is a teacher with rich experience with your own to explore, the effect will be better? As we send the chain! The teacher will tell us what to high quality website and forum to send, and to collect and find yourself. Maybe you collect well, others have long hair, may also apply for the column is not fixed. But you have wasted a lot of time. For the Internet, the time for us is really important, we can’t afford to waste it.

, thank you!

3, networking

and friends chat after I Xiangleyixia, in fact, for the Shanghai dragon training, each one according to his lights. Some people think that useless, even said that many organizations are under the banner of training to get money, of course, this does not rule out; but some people say the training still has a great advantage, can give us direction, goal to learn. Then the beauty of Shanghai dragon Zhou Zhen came to publish their a little idea, welcome to the crowd and.

for the novice in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training can guide us to quickly enter the industry, learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon through the system, so as to clarify the thinking and direction of their own. I believe a lot of just entering the Shanghai dragon industry, start listening to others said Shanghai dragon is the content + the chain, nothing is simple. Every day as long as you send the chain. I don’t know if you have this kind of situation, at least the first week of Shanghai dragon beauty Jane had this experience. Then we every day bubble in the forum, as long as the Shanghai dragon forum issued. Every day is very blind to the hair of the chain, just for the chain chain.

1, self-learning ability, people can not be appropriate training >


experience ?In fact, Guide

beauty today Shanghai dragon Jane in time to update the station for the week, a friend gave me a Q Shanghai dragon. I asked in some related training channels, in order to keep his privacy, here I will not name. Directly below the above:

, a Shanghai dragon in training useful? What is its significance?

In the