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positive thinking: in fact, the above analysis is basically positive thinking. That is, when the domain name space and code completion, will be able to complete the construction site, on the site within the chain link to the website, the content and the chain link is to enrich the content of the website and the construction of the high quality of the chain. And thus improve the number of websites and content page crawler quality. This website will have included, included more web site weight is high, then the ranking will be higher, the click rate will rise, then can produce the corresponding flow, through the analysis of traffic can get loyal users and potential users of the website.

first talk about the specific work flow of Shanghai Longfeng Optimization: for a new website, the first is to optimize the order of space, domain name, website open speed is second, third is the content and the chain, the fourth is the analysis of the quantity and quality of the page crawler, fifth, see collection, sixth is the seventh ranking, click eighth is the flow rate, analysis. In third, fourth and fifth of the three part is the optimization of the core, if the collection is not high, then turn to optimize the content and the chain, and then analyze the quantity and quality of web crawler, until the number included increasing.

website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work process, we actually can make positive and inverse optimizing two forms, namely positive thinking and reverse thinking optimization optimization, these two kinds of optimization based on the model, we can make the optimization work and become orderly, clear, and can effectively improve the optimization effect. The following two kinds of thinking mode analysis.

: reverse thinking for website optimization, >

other relevant content about Shanghai Longfeng optimization many current studies are some details such as how to optimize the content should be optimized, the chain code framework how to build, from which aspects should be how to optimize the template optimization. Although these optimization details can produce a good help to the webmaster, but the research about Shanghai Longfeng optimization work process of thinking is relatively small, so it is in this paper is Shanghai dragon optimization work process analysis based on.

from the Shanghai dragon optimization process, and not how complex, but most of the time, the webmaster and not in accordance with this process to work, often directly is the analysis of flow and ranking, and then analyzed the space and domain name and website architecture. Different ways that often let the owners feel everywhere, finally found the website optimization so hard, and give up.

many novice webmaster in optimizing a website, I feel there is a lot of work to do, and each job is the key, and in every work both spend a lot of time, but finally found their own mess do optimization work. Because when each job becomes the focus, and finally becomes are not the focus, because there is no difference. So many optimization staff complain about their investment in a lot of time, but the effect is difficult to show.