, a deliberate search site keywords


in the search engine’s eyes, which the TAGS tag is equivalent to an additional product search function, we can see many website TAGS tags are included, will be displayed in the form of search, especially Google, to each TAGS tag as a separate page included, and for love Shanghai is not so obvious effect, in the love of Shanghai in the process of optimization, the use of TAGS tags can actually increase the website included quantity, but not good, very easy to appear in the page is not included, will eventually lead to the site only included the home page. Therefore, the rational use of TAGS tags can indeed increase the website included quantity, but also can make the inside pages with fire will not be included, and here I remind you, use the TAGS tag, do not deliberately put keyword stuffing into it, it will affect the search engine TAGS to determine the label related, and TAGS the label itself is.


search engine algorithm based on the more profound, I do not know how to calculate, but the author tested some examples, as shown in figure

webmasters to turn on the computer every day is how to query the site included, rose will be happy, and worry will also drop. So the webmaster and completely see search engine face every day, keep their website included quantity rise or drop, why not go looking for effective methods included the amount of low? Recently I found a search engine to search the function of special interest, and the author of the website a lot of pages are from the search page so, we can use the search function to improve the web site is included. Today the author explain how through the search function to improve the website included quantity.

Through the

picture is not the search keyword optimization of the site itself, but as long as the search for the word, then the love of Shanghai will be included in the relevant page, the word so that we can get through the site to deliberate the search keywords you want to optimize or some has not been included in the page is. Fully indexed through the search function to make the website, natural to improve the website included quantity is very helpful, if you do not believe you can try to ensure effective.

effect, we can see that the file is the arrow marked the search page file, and this is what love Shanghai on the search page special love, based on what principle do not know, as long as the site has a search page of the website, the search engine will search the contents of the page included the assorted now, the search page has such function, so how do we use? There are three main methods:

Keywords The first thing

two, the rational use of TAGS tag

use the search function to raise the amount of included examples of figure