is not a forum signature all effective? We must first understand why choose BBS signature, to tell the truth because the forum signature is the anchor text, if you can’t send this community in the anchor text, then your signature is not much significance, than to love Shanghai Post Bar develop text to reality, because the anchor text is the best effect on the rankings, suggest you look at the A5 forum can leave the anchor text and the weight is very high in the community, while others may not allow the webmaster community members to use low level anchor text, the effect will be greatly reduced.

four, it’s important to show

, a post to the high quality of

to control the number ofThe number of

how many webmaster have noticed, there is a part of the community began posting.

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five, but not the most terrible

forum signature is issued to the contents of the decision, some owners will use mass tools to send, can send a lot of disposable, feel the effect is very good, indeed, was made up of content will soon be included, but do not know how many of these stationmaster is done statistics, the contents of the finally, how to keep more than two months, so that the mass content of reply must be "top" "the landlord said" good "learning" the content, such as content I think the engine is not retained for long, there is no weight, time-consuming and laborious.

forum signature is one of the main source of the chain many webmaster, whether you believe it or not, I believe, after all, this link can also calculate the anchor text, but also as part of the weights of the engine has a long history, it is also very easy to leave, but since the simple nature can fix is this link daluhuo, what to do? And I slowly come to be.

is certainly left a link, number of main or reply than ZhuTie high frequency, that is not what posts back? No, there are a lot of illegal posts many forums, or advertising posts, the posts are collected, and the value is not high, but also at any time by the moderator remove the ban seal risk, many of our webmaster think as long as I stay far and wide, the effect will be good, in fact, is not the case, the original and new articles, and to be the engine of long-term preservation of opportunities will be much larger, so try to go to the top with your website related articles, and as far as possible found that those who write long and fine articles.



webmaster system a lot of time, many webmaster have the time on a one-time send a sanwubo, sometimes no time a day is not issued, so the growth of the chain is not the law, bring the opposite result is found links deleted a lot, it is very difficult to save, so even if your hair every day more than a dozen, the chain increased stability is high quality.

Two, how to distinguish the