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Submit STEMAP XML to each big search engine

4, Sitemap MSN to submit a site map, direct submission by URL:

to Yahoo! Sitemap

贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/


use the noble baby account after landing, verify your site, then you can re submit the "sitemap" page

submit site map, submit through the following web site management

submit site map Sitemap to Yahoo China, submitted to

2, Yahoo

6, Sitemap to submit a site map, love Shanghai Baidu no way, now love Shanghai does not support Sitemap. read more


Several symptoms of love Shanghai update and recovery situation

Figure 1:

analysis: the love of Shanghai update to high quality content better ranking, but now this is only temporary, will not last long, the 80% station will soon be restored! So webmaster friends do not have to worry too much about a ranking of your site, a lot of keywords ranking off, it is only temporary, maybe a few minutes after your keywords returned to that position yesterday, and significantly enhance the webmaster friends for keywords ranking, also do not.

from the beginning of the afternoon, has been changing constantly in the query keywords, find a lot of words are picked up, your site key has an obvious rebound. Those who love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Wikipedia, ask soso, Sina blog and classification of information have been cleaned the home page. However, keyword ranking has been out of an unstable phenomenon, from the words "business", half an hour ranking and had the obvious change, to see if we cut a figure, perhaps it will have a different ranking, do not believe you to check. read more


Shanghai dragon service with their clients should be taken into account

said before, Shanghai dragon industry did not end, but some of the list did not do well, but for those who appear to be "hard-earned" list we have to be careful, maybe the money you earn is heartburn. Because some things are not from their own unilateral consideration, we should also be aware of the user’s thoughts.

even though there are a lot of people shouting Shanghai dragon is at an end, the price of cabbage orders not to earn money, but I still believe in the fertile soil on our Shanghai dragon is not a block can be lost, because any industry will be faced with the transition, facing the change, like Microsoft is trying to close to the mobile Internet, because we can’t everything becomes strange to artificially control yourself not to accept new things, and there is no Shanghai dragon you want to be embarrassed, the reason why there are so many friends that SE4O difficult to do, it is because they are in contact with some small webmaster, Shanghai dragon industry consolidation, some sites will be K lost, many small webmaster grassroots support, Shanghai dragon certainly had a bad day for sure. But for some of the strength of the company, in Shanghai Longfeng frequently rectify today might be some opportunities, but for orders, let’s be careful. read more


Bing Bing Webmaster Tools Guide


Seven year old station weight 6 to 0 weight on pain

Right down to the right 6

1, website security has become

2, seven years of the site should not be considered in Shanghai Longfeng optimization alone, need your own website

Google search engine is a real example, since 2010, Google exit China market, it China in the server is not stable, the site open have occurred. Lead used to use Google search users, mostly abandoned Google, to love Shanghai or search 360.

from the member "immortal laid off" the description of the problem, we can know about the reason why the site was down the right. The site itself is no problem, but the server is under attack, as long as half a month to open, this is a fatal blow to any website. Even if love is like Shanghai cattle B website, if it is half a month’s time to open it, users will have great losses. read more


Root cause analysis and prevention of the site is often black

7, cross site instruction forgery


hackers can remotely execute code, remote installation rootkits or completely break a system. Any one received from the user file name or file network application software is the existence of loopholes. Vulnerability may be written in the PHP language, PHP is a scripting language most commonly used in the process of network development.

6, security authentication and session management

The main reason for the

XSS vulnerability is the most common and most deadly network application software security vulnerabilities, easy to occur when an application will be sent to the user data without authentication or wrong encoding content for web browser. Hackers can use browser malicious script to obtain the user’s data, damage to the site, insert harmful content and phishing attacks and malicious attacks. read more


Some of the best website optimization keyword ranking method

three, Title is very important.

two, before doing keyword keyword selection is the basis of optimization.

Title tag to contain the keywords, concise, such as my station is Shanghai dragon _ Shanghai dragon _ Optimization Website Optimization _ search engine optimization. The title tag is very important, at least for the love of Shanghai. As for the noble baby rankings, in addition to the above, site high weight, also directly affect the relevant keywords ranking, so Shanghai must grasp the Dragon ER. read more


Shanghai Longfeng detours rookie entry level experience

remember many years ago, to join the army to go forward with great strength and vigour of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon for the time, that time every thing to do is to turn over the size of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, see predecessors footsteps, learning the experience of their predecessors, presumably such things, big home may have experienced, just in the experience of the process there will inevitably be detours, the choice of the domain name space to buy keywords???


for beginners to learn Shanghai, the most easy to mistake is I think of reading and learning, for beginners to learn Shanghai dragon is the first after reading practice, at times the size of Shanghai dragon forum, see gossip, do not start, so, my suggestion is that if you want to quickly learn the Shanghai Dragon, the first thing that is to the actual intervention, Shanghai dragon and website are inseparable. The website how to continue to look down, read more


Shanghai Longfeng inventory process that likely to be overlooked details

is undoubtedly the search engine more friendly, more conducive to the analysis of the structure of the site search engine. The URL can make the search engine more easily understand your site, URL is not too long and try to contain the keyword Pinyin, that will make your pages easier to search. In addition, clean, clear the web page layout can increase the depth of user’s browsing, not easily jump out of your website, so the search engine will give a higher score of

is now a variety of online training materials of Shanghai Longfeng everywhere, so many novice in reading some of Shanghai dragon tutorial, often feel excited conceal the original Shanghai dragon is so simple, is nothing more than the chain for the emperor King content. In fact, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance believes that although the chain and content is the most important point in the Shanghai dragon, but really need to pay attention to details and experience, often put you behind the opponent is perhaps the Shanghai dragon is in the process of you ignore the details". read more


Professional work but also the effective communication of Shanghai dragon is dry out

Shanghai dragon

solution, the fact that these two methods are not ideal first, work (orders) are important, but the problem is that Shanghai dragon is going on with the result of the success of the last, such contradictions encountered "work (orders) and abandon principle" approach is very difficult to guarantee the ultimate success of Shanghai Longfeng work finally, people will leave the people are not sincere, is completely. What is worse, others think you are not professional, is cheating. read more