recently with Daddy where the fire of the country’s Jimmy Lin immediately launched a personal brand health drinks, but was directed at selling fake Fang Zhouzi. We are not the right and wrong parties may not know the truth. But from the marketing point of view, we may be able to see more clearly:

marketing means: Star + fan effect = intention customer base

"do you want to have a good skin, do you want to grow back?"." This is Jimmy Lin for his "love -" slogan, the slogan no ground for blame from the perspective of marketing. The first thing to do is to attract customers to sell their products, who want to have a good skin and the growth of anti – mature and beauty of middle-aged women. It can be said that this is accurate customer positioning. Lock target customer base. From Jimmy Lin’s fans, he is also concerned about his favorite people. Loyal fans will be sought after. Coupled with the intensity of the current Jimmy Lin, everyone seems to be the face of his old never envy envy, his propaganda, of course, can successfully attract more people.

two: marketing concept to avoid liability problems

for products suspected of fraud, Jimmy Lin said "no legitimate products, false". This is a conversion angle and the concept of marketing. First of all, we buy beauty care products because he has beauty and anti growth effect, not just the product is legal. From another perspective, and if he is selling white boiling water, the "no legal fraud" he said. It can not be said that the beauty can not drink more.

According to the

effect, Jimmy Lin said with a smile: "against the growth of 100% is not possible, take this box to Guo Degang teacher, he may not be like me" Jimmy Lin is very clever to avoid the most acute problem, because beauty products may not have a very good effect on everyone. In marketing, quality is the foundation and backing of marketing, if there is no quality to do marketing, it is a gimmick is false advertising. Obviously, Jimmy Lin began to "you want to reverse the growth?" let a person feel his drink products can reverse the growth, but at the beginning of the slogan of the smart place is that he did not say that eating his product can let you reverse the growth, but said "please pay attention to my new company. To tell you the secret of" maintenance attracts you, guide you, but there is no guarantee that your what. This statement he marketing walking style, very attractive but can not bear any responsibility. Of course, it is worth noting that, although not to promote this marketing approach, but the enterprise in order to promote the protection of their own at the same time. This marketing everywhere, especially health care products such as long-term, consumers need to be careful to distinguish. Do not blindly follow the trend.

marketing means three: the use of authoritative speech to improve trust

we go from the Shanghai food and Drug Administration issued by micro-blog, micro-blog said, "love -" series of collagen in the drinks are ordinary food. The product itself is harmless, but