said the construction of personal site, as early as 03 years to do a video website, the Internet video site is limited, has not formed the scale, the website named "blog studios", then they do not know what programming technology, the HTML does not even know, or in a new network of customer service under the guidance of the site together made up, then the video technology based on code connection, when we are doing their own film company, shooting a lot of clips, will pass on Sohu, and then use the code to WMV format video link to their website for everyone to see, and video the content is limited, do not hesitate to understand PHP, ASP and other related source code, only manual to do a HTML "hang up, then add index.html connection, all professional people A look that is neither fish nor fowl website.

was at the time of the site there is a new network to provide free counter, the site will be increased by 3 to 5 pages per day, click on the beginning of the day is 200, and then click on the day to reach more than 20 thousand. The chance to know Sohu Entertainment video editing, he said you have such video sites to see, why not do it? To be honest, then do not dare really want bigger, even do what all don’t know, so he and the editor every day long big talk, because of their own is to do the film, so the video chat when many of the film’s knowledge can be used. I say that the film and television ads, if the site can also be used in short words, talk is a powerful and unconstrained style he also put the Internet, just give me, and I talked about the VC and so on, then talk to the video website, there is consensus that the next few years the video would be a big cake. Then he introduced me to a few VC, the lack of knowledge of the Internet, and the video has not formed a decent operating mode, the negotiations always fail, slowly tcyule (blog Studios) web site will give up.

give up the video site, I joined a new website, do not say the name, in short, do art, company staff, I was responsible for the publicity, this is the 05 year in September, Sina was very concerned about the blog, Sina blog, and thus a blog marketing strategy that may be the reason for the lack of the rise of blog content, this website I join the content sent to Sina blog is very popular, just a few months time this site became the official website of Artists Association and a professional art portal. The site began to profit, but this time I left here, want to say is, if your site in a lot of people to help you do the day after considerable profit, don’t treat your brothers, you can not reward, but must not be punished, because the company’s internal management reasons I left the company. To tell the truth, when leaving the heart is very complex, although the site is not mine, but I do it together, back to the house in Beijing after a pain, like a mother lost