introduction: mass depends on social media and time has been self-evident, and the dull business owners can not ignore this new trend and a strong business opportunities, so a lot of money into social media.

but for the audience, in the marketing information bomb detonation get in by every opening, has had a rebellious, sensitive and insensitive, is sensitive to the soft again will feel soft hard, numb is the face of advertising is difficult to call-to-action full of tricks. The consequences are: social media participation is very low. Recently, a social media optimization platform SocialFlow conducted a survey, the results show that the enterprise through its system release of organic social content, 99% of users are not interested in any brand interaction.

when companies talk about social media marketing, the conversion rate is estimated to be the most mentioned word, as the name implies, refers to the audience from the acceptance of information to make the proportion of the purchase behavior. According to Forrester’s research results show that in the world’s top fifty brands, an average of only 1% of visitors will point praise, share, or comment on less than 1/10 of the content of the brand. This participation is too low, not even the so-called conversion rate. However, the low rate of conversion on behalf of the worthless?. The key point is that a huge social network user base, in such a large scale, although only 1% of the participation can play a huge effect. John Andrews is a social media agency Ignite Social Media’s chief marketing officer, he said, if the proportion of 1% copies, and expand, is likely to leave the 100 million impression, but for the brands, it can build a sustainable impact force.

so this proposition becomes: enterprise administrative micro-blog marketing, can operate the official micro-blog WeChat, but only a general concern the number of fans is the invalid number be inopportune or inappropriate, and can only be reduced to the denominator. Now quite a number of brands have opened the WeChat public account, but the contents of the WeChat public account, only 20% of people will take the initiative to read, because of the 80% users in the circle of friends to see the news. The contents of the public account has not been spread out, there is no user participation, almost worthless. If you can capture the user’s circle of friends, you will be more successful. Therefore, how to accurately locate the target population, identify the media channels, which led to the effective participation of users, has become the highest goal of most brands.

recently, three dads in the media to a large extent to meet the above approach and objectives. Beijing haze is becoming increasingly serious, so many parents very worried, so as the father of a Saiying and two father created specifically for the father of three children developed air purifier "". Three dads focus on social media, especially in the circle of friends of WeChat. In the circle of friends set 100 praise, the 300 >