Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Alibaba? Oh, those stories have become the past tense. Now more people are targeting the new Internet gold: local life services. The new Internet myth and giant will be born in this ten billion yuan market

at the beginning of December, in Hangzhou Xihu District office building, known as "Jiang Ziya" Li Zhiguo is upset about money.

but his distress was so many people, and envy. Because his problem is not to make money, but to spend a lot of money – from the beginning of next month, he must spend 100 million yuan in cash within the next 12 months!

Li Zhiguo is the founder of word of mouth network (, spent 100 million yuan is the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma issued a death order". October 2006, word of mouth network by Alibaba to millions of dollars to buy the bag, becoming China’s YAHOO after the acquisition of the second Alibaba website. But Lee rule is a headache for the Alibaba in 2007 in the online word-of-mouth investment of tens of millions of dollars unspent, Ma and raise a new year’s "burn" task to billion yuan level.

word of mouth network access to so much financial support, indicating that the Alibaba group is very optimistic about the prospects for local living services. In the next few years, the group’s investment in word of mouth network will only increase will not reduce." December 5th, Li Zhiguo accept the Financial Times interview revealed that next year, a major focus of investment is to cultivate the market, in order to encourage users to use and enjoy the benefits of the Internet local life services.

in fact, in addition to just listed Alibaba, the influx of more capital is also the influx of local life services, which is not yet an emerging industry.

Create CTO Liu Jianguo

Baidu ( before the net love a band to get one of the world’s three largest investment institutions Matrix millions of dollars in venture capital; Zhang Tao created ( won two times including the sequois fund and other international well-known venture capital investment; Chen Hua Wu Shichun, founder of the Beijing ( LIAN SIG and ceyuan two a total of $12 million financing. In addition, the 58 city network, 263, eBay’s classification ( and other old website Kijiji classifieds site also to all aspects of the rapid expansion of local life service.

although the local life services market is still in the cultivation stage, each website business model is different, the profit model is not mature, the market from the harvest in sight. However, many people believe that the Internet, local life services will be the next Internet gold. The new Internet myth, as well as similar to Baidu, Google’s new giant may be born in this market.

, in my opinion, even allow any miracle in this field, the trend of the times, not to be missed, the rest of the time is a problem." Internet analyst Liu Xingliang