[Abstract] Apple has become the fourth quarter of the protagonist, with a surprisingly good results over many technology headlines.


Tencent science and Technology Wang, February 1st reported

this week, apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon and other U.S. top four technology giants have released earnings, different performance. Overall, the industry performed well, and behind this is the United States economy is good, especially in the four quarter of the advertisers in the luxury of throwing Google and other lucrative.

Apple has become the fourth quarter of the protagonist, with a surprisingly good results over many media headlines. Microsoft, Google and Amazon three total revenues ($73 billion 900 million) and total profits ($10 billion 800 million) to look back the Apple Corp.

from the complex earnings data, we can see a main line: mobile than anything else. Last quarter, Apple’s strongest performance growth is largely due to its success in the field of mobile Internet layout. While Google and Microsoft performance of the market is expected to reach even the decline of the company have a chronic problem in suspense: mobile.

In addition to

, another trend is becoming more and more clear: the war between giants are from the consumer market to the enterprise market. To a certain extent through Microsoft mobile first, cloud first "strategy to ensure its position in the enterprise market, apple IBM, Google HP alliance jointly indicates the era of enterprise mobile business competition. Amazon has launched a corporate market for electronic mail and electronic calendar service WorkMail, trying to find a place in the enterprise market.

Apple: surprisingly good

first quarter, Apple’s net revenue of $74 billion 599 million, gains profit of $18 billion, more than Exxon Mobil Oil Corp in 2012 hit single season record profits of $15 billion 900 million.

Apple’s revenue structure is more diverse set tougong is still the Apple Corp’s main business iPhone, thanks to the iPhone 6/6 plus two large screen devices launched, iPhone’s first quarter total sales amounted to 74 million 500 thousand, almost equal to the world’s "big brother" samsung. IPad and Mac revenues also occupy a certain proportion, iPad total sales of 21 million 420 thousand, down by 18%, to create revenues of $8 billion 990 million, down by 22%. Mac sales of 5 million 520 thousand units, an increase of 14%.

is so beautiful, Apple really have to thank Chinese powder. Apple this quarter from the Greater China revenue reached $16 billion, an increase of 70%, the revenue scale has been with the European market was $17 billion 200 million.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in early 2014, many institutions in Wall Street are not optimistic about the performance of Apple Corp, however, in the past