December 27, 2007, the emperor of the company’s core products – Imperial website management system (EmpireCMS) 4.7 official release.

as the Web content management solutions provider, the Empire has always been committed to constantly optimize the product structure, enhance system based framework, to help users build a stable, content management system, to achieve the perfect combination of business process and IT technology.


in 2002 released the first version of EmpireCMS, after five years of intensive and meticulous farming, to achieve a number of versions of the leap, the more glamorous! As the latest masterpiece EmpireCMS4.7, in addition to the continuation of the glorious tradition of inherent characteristics: Empire based security, powerful, stable and flexible operation interface, more humane, more outstanding performance in the platform, product stability, perfect function, the application model of expansibility, professional development ideas are in similar CMS products leading level, believe that both for the people or business units, can get a leap from the value of experience.

compared to previous versions, EmpireCMS4.7 introduced:

· members of the custom registry form (access to member information more flexible, such as individual and corporate users separate registration);

· member space (whether it is an individual or business users can have their own member space, and the template can be arbitrary choice, enhance the personalized experience of members).

new features:

new Digg, scheduled tasks (timed execution of specific scripts, such as the definition of refresh page, collection, etc.).

optimization improvement:

· made a lot of improvements in the system model in details, support multi criteria and multi item and multi field and other complex field combination search, the model tends to improve system performance, better promotion;

· in the search engine optimization: the system directory storage update, so that the contents of the HTML storage directory can be defined, and support for single information storage directory.

In addition to functional innovation

, EmpireCMS4.7 in terms of product details and the use of experience has also been optimized:

project support arbitrary definition of the build directory; attachment directory custom; save special combination conditions; each information support score, increase the vote; comment "support" and "against" function, support AJAX and so on.

each time a new version of the release, are the Empire and the majority of users continue to communicate, the results of unprecedented cooperation, we believe that as long as the convergence of the power of the future EmpireCMS will be more perfect!

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