Xiaoxue can not be consumed so much, in order to love, in order to my home, I want to make money.

simple to introduce yourself:

was born in May 1988, a cow sparkling me, when I was a child three serious illness, the family in order to give me a doctor,

borrowed a lot of money, so it also delayed my sister’s school, when I was in Ji’nan hospital, my mother called my sister, my sister said that the family is very good,

dad came home from Ji’nan and found his sister had no shoes. My feet are trembling at home, when my father told me this thing, I really hate myself, I hate myself, I hate

has let the elder sister suffer, the elder sister loves me very much, we never fight,

when I was 8 years old, I went home and saw my sister at the age of 12. She was at home and I cried.

a doctor during the delay of my courses, learning can not keep up, after catching up reluctantly admitted to the junior high school, I was with the best award awards to sister, sister cry

was 13 years old, I began to indulge in games, even in the mock exam, I was stealing money from home crazy in the game hall. Then my mom caught me in the game room, my mother didn’t hit me, just tears, what I did not say, grabbed the game hall boss cigarette, hot in my hand, I swear I will not let my mother cry.

was 15 years old, to the senior high school entrance examination, I was admitted to the mediocre, but the five year electronic College (Ji’nan electronic college) (but I also wondered why the questions are so simple that can not test in), after receiving the admission notice.

I told my family, I said: "Mom, sister, I owe you too much, I can not spend your money, I want to go out and work hard, believe me!."

family do not agree, while the family did not pay attention to steal the home 200 to the city of Jining, get rid of the ticket and the other 180, to the home made a phone call, my mother cried again!

I didn’t go back to my mother’s cry. On the day, the second day I found a "work" is in the studio, errands, leaflets, 10 yuan a day, take control.

then made about two months, I left 300 dollars, 5 yuan a day’s consumption level, let me lean in a circle. Mailed to the family 200.

is 16 years old, I " " about half a year, become mature, mature a lot, but a few months after the studio is in the off-season, I intend to learn to do computer programmer, $300 to

to learn Photoshop, learn that out in the studio in the designer can do (I don’t have a computer, not only on the time of junior high school >