yesterday, the Fujian Provincial Communications Authority announced the latest monthly Internet network security situation, the first month of this year, the overall evaluation of our province Internet network security situation, the province’s 574 government websites have been tampered with, a decrease of 29.9% last month; the province’s nearly 60 thousand IP address corresponding to the host by the Trojan or bot control, compared with the previous month increased by more than 50%; at the same time, more than 20 thousand IP address corresponding to the host infected worms, "flying off" last month is less than 10%.

in January, our province frequent information system security incidents

announced that in January this year, our province Internet based overall smooth operation of the network, the Internet backbone of the monitoring indicators of normal, not larger than the network security incidents, but there are a number of little traffic on the Internet infrastructure denial of service attacks. In the Internet network security environment in our province, is the number, website backdoor Trojan or bot controlled number of hosts and Trojan or bot control server IP number increased, the number of sites has been tampered with, "flying off" worm infection quantity decreased. In addition, in January, the province’s frequent occurrence of security incidents involving government and important information systems, website vulnerabilities, web tampering events, malicious code events.

in January, China’s number of websites were tampered with 6364, compared with last month, a decrease of 8.8%. Among them, the government website has been tampered with (GOV) accounted for about 1.8%. Fujian was tampered with the number of sites for 574, down from last month by 29.9%.

The number of

infected fly off worm host country ranks eleventh in the

according to CNCERT/CC (National Internet Emergency Center) monitoring data, in January of this year, China’s mainland more than 215 IP address corresponding to the host is trojan or zombie program control. Fujian 59576 IP address corresponding to the host was Trojan or zombie program control, an increase of 57.7% from last month.

in January, more than 80 hosts of IP infection in mainland China "flying off" worm, reduced by 4.3% compared with the previous month. Among them, 20540 IP Fujian province. The corresponding host infection "fly off worm, ranks eleventh in the country, representing a decrease of 11.9% last month.

it is reported that this year Fujian Internet Emergency Center ongoing malicious program governance work, total disposal of Trojan botnet control terminal 568, controlled end 7829, energy-saving 6874. At the same time, to further promote the fight against malicious mobile Internet governance special action, a total monitoring found that mobile malware samples 27, under the framework of mobile application store malicious program 70, the disposal of mobile Internet malware control terminal and the transmission source IP7, control terminal and the spread of malicious source URL link 8, the Internet to further improve the environment. (Strait Herald reporter Yang Wen in Fuzhou)