at the end of June this year, 30 year old Li Xingping got his own life for the first time flying experience, all the time, he rarely left his home in Guangdong city of Xingning. And before the only three out of the province, the Li Xingping’s destination is Fujian, Xiamen. The difference is that his friend, partner Cai Wensheng flew from Xiamen to Guangzhou, accompanied him to travel together.

they are going to discuss the next step of the 4399 game sites that the two people work together. In fact, the investment of less than 1 million yuan of personal leisure game portal, in 40 years, the Internet has become the brand Google hot 2008 ranked seventh, the current monthly income of more than 10 million yuan, more than $80 million in private equity valuation. But they temporarily rejected the investment, we will get their own money, 4399 have the opportunity to do a lot, IPO is only a small target." Cai Wensheng said with a smile.

he and Li Xingping, perhaps the most grassroots combination of China’s internet. Is a successful individual webmaster, first to do the opponent, after a friend, is now a partner, and completely complementary. Li Xingping is extremely introverted, do not understand, habit alone. But Cai Queyou rich business experience, well connected, quite trust capital.

for grassroots users to understand, no one dares to say that China’s network sector than Li Xingping. He had installed computer, junior high school culture, had Internet cafes, founded in May 1999, site navigation station, single day visit the highest volume of more than 30 million, comparable to the Sohu. August 2004, Baidu to tens of millions of dollars to the price of its acquisition.

Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi, a high school dropout, early to help the family to do the clothing business, in 1993 moved to the southeast, in 1999 started the domain name business after returning home, China became the most successful domain name investors. 2003 Cai began to imitate the site to do hao123, IDG and Google investment in 2004, Google in China in order to tens of millions of dollars (Cai Zicheng) the price of the acquisition of 265 in. Before and after this, Cai began to get involved in the investment, including investment in the company’s storm video, express, CNCN statistics, ZCOM, 58 city dozens of popular Internet Co.

people often put Internet entrepreneurs into Zhang Zhaoyang and Robin Li as the representative of the returnees, and Ma Huateng, Ma Yunwei on behalf of the wood louse pie, despite the obvious difference between the two, but there is a common characteristic is that they start at the beginning of the company’s operation, relying on the founder’s vision and charm, imitation foreign business model, gathered a large number of human and financial resources to capture the trend of large, in the successful listing before, mostly after a long burn stage.

personal webmaster group business far. Individual stations rarely, not too high technical content, the website is very simple, usually rely on the one or two "killer application", attracting tens of millions or even tens of millions of users, and then obtain the advertising or value-added services revenue. >