introduction: with the Internet and online education students, to the Web2.0 era is formed in recent years into the public eye. Why Lei YY education operation caused by hot


industry stakeholders had predicted 2014 years ago, the outbreak of online education is the year, who did not expect the outbreak of such a fast. Just over the years later, Ali, Temasek and Qiming venture 100 million yuan to participate in the TutorGroup B round of financing, followed by injection of one billion news YY.

online education with the Internet and the birth, to the Web2.0 era is shaping, in recent years into the public eye. Why is the operation of the YY education Lei caused heated debate, two main reasons: 1, the operation of huge amount of money 1 billion yuan, causing concern, online education market will be? 2, this event is the main attraction lies in the line, Lei Jun can subvert the education with what he called the Internet thinking.

this YY is HAPPY, and the happy life began. But do you think this is the truth? YY is just the tip of the iceberg.

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BAT line under the beast uncles? Giants nobody, not as? I already muffled array, to seize the market! If you want, I may wish to listen to you for this time analysis.

online education heat bursting


100 burst of red education project, the development of online education in silence after a dozen years has finally surfaced, this huge monster appeared so domineering.

How much

online education market in the end? According to the data China Industry Advisory Network: 2012 Chinese education training industry total market size of up to 960 billion yuan, and then online education market size of about 70 billion yuan, the proportion is only 7.3%. The future of online education accounted for a huge increase in space, a rough calculation of the corresponding market size increments of 3000-4000 billion.

according to iMedia research data, in 2013 China’s online education market size is expected to reach 92 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of more than 2012, an increase of 32.9%. The next few years, China’s online education market will maintain an annual growth rate of more than 30%, by 2015 China’s online education market will be more than 160 billion yuan. Visible, online education market prospects attractive.

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, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet Co to get involved in this field, reflecting the strong optimistic about online education, but also means that the future of the industry will face a very competitive situation.

to the current point of view, online education and other areas of Internet banking and mobile Internet, as well as giants home, the war between the platforms spread from the Internet to various fields.

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