said: the most bad behavior is cheating, but the network deception cases occur frequently, and a liar trick variety, make people impossible to guard against, although the cheat belongings are not many, but this is cheating, there may not always make people feel at ease, in order to further the fight against Internet fraud, help the webmaster users, improve anti fraud knowledge, specially organized the stationmaster net, "tell your story cheated" theme campaign, requirement: you will be cheated through the whole story, and attach your mood and prevention suggestions, cheated, published to webmaster forum "transaction fraud report" version, please indicate []. "The Title of the article, we will vote on all contribution award, the top 10 entries can get a $100 cash prize offered by the webmaster network.
  you have been experiencing

      the words of the swindlers:

people can cheat too, only he is always cheat. In doing such a deception behavior at the same time, you have not thought about, what is deception success? Then I tell you, you are deceived by everyone, they are pure, pure, they believe you, trust you, but the result is, let you cheat. Do you ever think about when they are in love? Every man cheated is respectable, they believe each other in the unreal network, to trust each other, and you have made such a cruel thing, cheated them, hurt their heart. The webmaster circle is very small, spread very quickly, a cheat, a lifetime name and crooks are tied together, maybe I say these things too, but I was standing in a position to write cheated, I was cheated with the mood to write.

stand up together to protect our own interests, write your story, your mood.

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