annoying "video game" annoying popups "advertisement will be curbed. Recently, the news from the China Advertising Association interactive network committee said that the introduction of online advertising regulations or regulations.

crazy "pop" advertising

this year, the number of Chinese Internet users exceeded 500 million, China is expected to become the world’s top second advertising market. According to the China Advertising Association interactive network committee data show that in 2011 China interactive network advertising turnover reached 29 billion 673 million, an increase of 62.3% over the previous year, of which the first growth in online advertising. This is also in recent years, open the web page, video game, there is always a variety of "pop" advertising kept coming out, among them, a lot of "tough" pop ads set many traps, let you dare not turn off the "×".

pop-up window is completely to do publicity, a serious impact on our web browsing speed." Yang to cover the entire screen suddenly appeared, or directly to the drop-down menu page pop-up ads are very disgusted.

Wei believes that at the forum, suddenly pop-up pornographic pictures is really embarrassing, winning information is easier to judge the weak consciousness of people into divulging personal information and deceived, kids when the Internet is not good to see. Hope to strengthen remediation efforts in this, put an end to this kind of "yellow" and "winning" pop.

, however, in an advertising design company to work for the online advertising Zhang tolerance. "General will not reject it, appropriate advertising will play the role of beautifying the page" but for those who shut the window will appear, especially those floating window, follow the page content, covering part of the text ads, Zhang also said that they could not accept.

cheap attract eyeball

advertising network, by the industry as "rich media" refers to animation (2D and 3D), audio, video and interactive information dissemination methods, at present, mostly in the form of pop.

is mainly engaged in Internet advertising cloud fox online general manager He Bing said that although the media is developing rapidly, but malicious popups accounted for perhaps less than 1%, but the "crazy media" this visual impression, and the strong impact of the Internet advertising by more and more enterprises at the general market.

talked about the reasons, Jia Feng said Vice President of seven, the direct reason is the existence of the network now pop ads advertising price is low, the exposure effect is good. In his view, the game ads in the pop-up ads in the largest proportion, because of its "is on the effect of attracting people".

but HYLINK advertising Limited media director Yang Chen doesn’t think so. "The only Internet pop ads many small sites to attract eyeballs, large advertising sites rarely use this mode." He said, because the user experience is not good".

in Yang Chen view, the general network pop-up wide