always slow Internet giant Tencent, launched in the electricity supplier advertising platform is also slow, when Taobao launched the Tencent off hot, easy promotion platform (, and Taobao as guest mode, CPS advertising platform platform type. So in this piece of the market to promote the Tencent in the flames of war, how to find their own position.


1: access to Tencent electricity supplier related traffic

and Taobao guest development is similar, and now there have been a lot of optimization pat Network, QQ mall and other related keywords of the webmaster, the flow of these keywords and Tencent electricity supplier is completely matched. So long as they can get traffic, can be very effective into profits, but according to Taobao customer experience, this kind of promotion will not be too long, a Tencent business platform no shielding search engine, and this behavior is regarded as illegal acts in the future will be. So when the Tencent platform to promote the introduction of easy, I also sent micro-blog said, easy to promote the early stage, to play the webmaster, you can optimize the pat Network related keywords.

2: as a supplement to the big platform

here, that the huge amount of data, such as parity shopping platform, sharing platform, more and more electricity providers to join the CPS, can give a platform to provide enough cash, so from this point of view, to promote the role of Tencent is to fill the market, give consumers sufficient choice.

3: easy to promote and Taobao off a two election


when the easy promotion and Taobao customers choose one of the two cases, what would you choose, there is no doubt that Taobao is still a guest, for example you the same dress is a traffic landing, landing to Taobao, a landing to pat, I believe that 10 of consumers, at least 9 will have a Taobao account, and may only 2 people have pat on the account, the account is not the most important, the key is to form long-term development trading platform on the platform of the soil, trust and good use of trading platform. These are the formation and competitiveness, so from this point of view, some of the traffic flow to do the first choice of shopping or Taobao customers, so that traffic can be converted to the most ground. Even their own products such as Tencent, Tencent, micro-blog, QQ and other space, to do CPS promotion, Taobao should be the preferred guest, but as the most growth ability of Tencent, including Tencent of the electricity supplier, pat, QQ mall, B2C investment and Tencent website, are worth our attention, easy to popularize there is no drama, mainly to see the overall development of Tencent fan, according to the current pattern of electricity providers, easy promotion can’t become the preferred landing CPS traffic. Orange collar will continue to focus on the development of Tencent electricity supplier, as well as more Tencent electricity supplier shopping guide form.

4: unique Tencent products

there is a class of products, in fact, can be used as the promotion of the object, is the unique Teng