two days before the small early wrote an article called "soft down is hard up is soft", which probably talked about Tan Xiaochu soft for the views and opinions of the beginning of today talk to everyone with a high force lattice "beep" soft.

last time we talked about the traditional sense of the net, and this time, we talk about the interview. You must have seen the interview many interviews, figures of peers? Why do they do still secretly envy, their website attracted media attention? Don’t be silly, there is a high force grid they directed in propaganda.

interview soft Wen is intrinsic

said, if the story is kind of soft Wen propaganda, dry cargo traffic outside, then this is the internal interview said. Shilly-shally assumes that users or investors at the sight of your products, but when they see about your product user interviews on the Internet, is not some bottom? If your interview is some of the more well-known institutions or sites, so the degree of trust whether it will rise to a height of


talk about the advantages of

1. High reprint rate

The value of

soft Wen interview experience is much higher than traditional text, for other related sites, the necessity of this kind of content is reproduced more than the traditional soft; secondly if the respondent has a certain degree of visibility and contacts in the industry, the article is concerned about the extent of the interview will be higher, the media will be more love;

two. Easy to write

is the general sense of the text, as long as the establishment of good interview questions and have formed a directory, the content of the interview structured, plus interviews with polish, to complete a more excellent soft, do not need the main content the author writing.

three. Easy to audit

general sense of soft Wen, unless it is in their own platform or resources on advertising, but if it is in other large media or website, do not pay the cost of it is difficult to publish. But the interview will be much better, compared to the general sense of the soft, soft Wen interview with its original degree is high, the search engine off, deliberately not implanted in advertising, but has been introduced in your product.


of course, this kind of soft Wen and traditional class is different, must be realistic, not to be a powerful and unconstrained style generally to their own practical experience, mainly relatively requires authenticity and practicality. Cater to the needs of users, will be concerned, so do not look at the soft text no one to see.

specifically how to write


is the first to have a clear understanding of what your customers need. If you are selling food, goods category, may wish to start from the health, nutrition.


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