content of the long tail effect and the increasing demand for attention, has formed a result of the brand site traffic drop perfect storm. It’s just a simple theory of supply and demand economics.

        online content has been a long and minute statement that a dabbler in widget, YouTube and editing by Tumblr, micro blog Jaiku and Twittergram provide power replaced. Marketing people to thrive in a decentralized network, need to consider the following three simple steps.  

      1 consider service rather than site

        the vast majority of today’s network reform is created by a talented team, independent network developers. Sites such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook are turning themselves into applications – almost as they do on the desktop. And this has spawned hundreds of small-scale online applications.

        in order to prosperity, marketers need to think about, how to insert in these sites via web services, to create a mini experience similar at the same time, consistent with the brand.

        2 connected to

      the Internet is switching to such media – the greatest value is generated when people are connected by a common platform. These common goals may include making money, entertainment or information, creating.    

        in order to prosper, the brand needs to identify these motivations and participate in a new micro content platform in a way that helps consumers achieve their goals. For example, the Losangeles fire brigade found that when disaster strikes, consumers actively use Twitter. Twitter has opened a new channel dedicated to providing real-time information on its website —

        3 make all "portable"

        the latest version of Apple’s operating system, will be released in October. The system has a small feature called web clip. Any part of the site can be incorporated into the moment on the consumer’s desktop >