webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 7th news, Sogou input method recently accused of leaking user privacy. Sogou input method on the network led to the user’s sensitive information leakage, including voice, photos, documents and other information. Sogou said the system itself does not exist loopholes, user information leakage is due to the search engine’s illegal grab.

yesterday, the heat transfer Sogou input method on the network led to a large number of user sensitive information leakage, users posted a large number of privacy, including voice, photos, documents, including information. Domestic well-known security organization official said yesterday that clouds, as early as more than a month ago found the existence of Sogou input method security vulnerabilities, reflecting the solution has not been resolved. On the one hand to collect user privacy data, on the one hand, they cannot protect the user’s data, the vulnerability was notice after a month still exists and is exposed, you also believe that cloud? "Said the clouds.

the same day, said the response to the outside world, the user’s multimedia input information leakage, and search engines did not comply with the relevant Robots.txt agreement. Sogou believes that the key problem is that the Bing search engine, Sogou and Bing has been to solve the problem of communication. Sogou relevant person in charge explained that Google, Baidu, Sogou and other search engines are not search confidential user information, only Microsoft’s search engine must be able to display. "It is imperative to violate the robots protocol. Sogou system is not loopholes."

and Sogou argument, Microsoft regard Sogou accused Bing violated the Robots.txt agreement is not true. It is understood that the "Robots.txt agreement" ban the search engines to crawl the web site, but these "if the other web page, then the page link will still be included in the search engine to search engines, just under the agreement not to climb the web page content. The following will respond to Sogou input method to disclose user privacy incidents, the official reply of the relevant reports.

a cloud storage industry experts said, will be in violation of the robots agreement is the direct cause of user privacy leaks, at the same time, Sogou protection of user information is also one of the weak factors. The robots protocol is the provisions of conventional industries, as a search engine, will be supposed to follow. However, the search for the protection of information is not enough." Search engine crawlers can only crawl to public information, which shows that the link formed by "super SMS" is open. The link contains user information that is stored on a public web and is not ID authenticated encryption on a private cloud, and it is possible for anyone to access. He believes that this point should at least be clearly informed of the user.

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