station network ( July 15th news, APP taxi along the way can be said to be bumps. To face the danger of closing now. It can be said that the entire mobile application market APP is definitely a hot topic. Today we will talk about the development of the current situation of the taxi APP and how the future should continue!

recently, as the first to enter the mobile phone software trick car enterprise China, shook his trick car founder Wang Weijian said in an interview: if I choose, may not do this (referring to the mobile phone software trick car) Wang Weihui! Why do you say that? Is a taxi APP has no market? It seems to me there APP taxi brings us great convenience. First, it saves us time, reduce the waiting time, especially the rain, snow and other inclement weather in advance about the car on the road. Much more convenient. But there are two sides to everything. As to the industry to bring hidden trouble, easy to cause the drivers and pick off etc..

along with Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan and other places have to stop a taxi software, ordered a taxi cab driver software to uninstall it, Beijing is the introduction of the "Beijing city taxi mobile phone call service management implementation details" of taxi App market to rectification, Beijing city call unified fee payment subject to a taxi App within 4 hours, call a car every 5 yuan more than 4 hours of booking 6 yuan per unit, while the other APP service for taxi fare will be canceled, in addition to APP, taxi without permission are not allowed to take any form of advertising embedded in the taxi, App now seems bleak. After the introduction of the rules, but also led to some of the industry’s controversy, there is a point of view, which will have a serious impact on the taxi APP market. The future, a taxi APP profit model and living environment, and where to develop it?

fast taxi founder Chen Weixing believes that the current taxi application market there are three kinds of forces, most of them will soon die, do the "transformation" for the company to spend the life and death. First of all, to carry out sustained and stable product innovation, for users, the future of the taxi application can not be called a taxi, but also called a business car, driving on behalf of, and even home economics, tourism, etc.. Second, entrepreneurs know how to manage cash flow. Once the government intervention, the high cost of the market to promote flexible control at any time, and actively cooperate with the government, as far as possible to reduce the loss.

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