according to foreign media reports, social media management tool company Sprout Social announced today by the Merchant Banking of Goldman Sachs lead investment of 42 million U.S. dollars C round of financing in Division. New Enterprise Associates involved with the vote. Up to now, Sprout Social received a total of more than 60 million U.S. dollars of investment.

Sprout Social was founded in 2009, is a SME oriented social media marketing management tools, help enterprise management in the Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn of the social relations, through the visualization tools intuitive analysis, find potential users from it, and the potential users into loyal users. Today Sprout Social customers have expanded to Uber, Marvel, Microsoft, Zipcar and other companies. Sprout Social said that the new round of financing will be used to optimize the product and develop new customers.

so what specific functions of the Sprout Social?

1, search: search for social media services related to their own business, looking for potential users and consumers in the vicinity.

2, reports and analysis: Sprout Social tools can be generated through a simple operation of the custom brand socialization report, can be divided into a number of time to review comments, @ information, reply and other operations.

3, schedule: help users regularly send notification reminder.

4, stealth concern: even if you are not in the public account of someone’s attention, you can also invisible tracking and marking. Therefore, the realization of all public account management.

as the company’s marketing on social media efforts to increase the social media marketing management tools demand increases, in addition to Sprout Social, there are a lot of companies such as HootSuite, Vitrue, Buddy, Media provide similar services.