thought Google and Alexa in the field of traffic monitoring is likely to become a competitor, now the strong cooperation of the situation, it is unexpected, even some amazing.

will be displayed on the site traffic rankings in the search results, what is the significance?

personally believe that the search for Google users, the reference value of the site traffic is low. Users want to get the search results are related to the original, not the same as the security, and the site traffic and the size of these features are not directly related.

for Google, this change appears to be somewhat confident, has been convinced that Google has enough technology to provide users with the most relevant search results, and the most valuable web links on the front. But the introduction of Alexa traffic is clearly telling the user, ranked first in the search results of the site is not good, it is very poor traffic, to see those high traffic sites, they were ranked seventh in the eighth.

should be the most affected by the small flow of the site, because it was their own privacy site traffic was hung in front of the public. No way, the process and results of the competition are: stronger. (text / Zheng Wenbiao)