news the day before December 28th, officially announced the jingle fast drug fellow win 300 million yuan A round of financing. It is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly to help create a new medicine fast jingle jingle medicine retail mode.

one, the next line of resources to rebuild the line. Through the jingle fast power line, the expansion of the service radius of the store, from 500 to 5 km across. And, through the wisdom of the wisdom of the integration of online and offline pharmacy pharmacy resources, the value of the traditional pharmacy, online, enhance the user experience.

second, to provide users with the ultimate service experience. Continue to deepen 7*24 hours, 28 minutes to the health of the service, to strengthen the expert pharmacist service for 24 hours.

three, the application of large data member health. Jingle wisdom pharmacies will establish their electronic files for users to collect health data, to create C2B mode, to meet the needs of users.

jingle fast drug on the line in February 6, 2015, through its core area 28 minutes free home service known. Since its establishment, fast medicine has been the hope that through the jingle "M2F+B2B+O2O" model of health jingle ecosystem, and through and the integration of industry resources, build and force M2F networking mode, solve in the traditional environment, the pharmaceutical industry enterprises due to the formation of scale of upstream decentralized procurement of raw materials, the high cost of procurement, the procurement process complex pain points and, to improve the pharmaceutical industry in the price and process.

it is worth noting that, in November this year, Ding quick medicine has announced its Beijing market day orders exceeded twenty thousand single, the first to achieve profitability. Thus, fast through health medicine jingle jingle ecosystem integration advantages of resources, relying on and open up the upstream and downstream industry chain, may create a new model of ecological profit.

from the jingle quick medicine’s data shows, at present, jingle fast through the line layout by medicine, pharmacy Dingdang wisdom completed a comprehensive coverage of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Zhengzhou seven city, and realize the 7*24 hours of the core area of the free distribution, accumulated over ten million users.