even though Beijing is still twenty ring, the lower end of the industry chain, a cannon.

Ouyang Junbo

ring the capital economic circle, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei metropolitan area; new seven ring, the future of the eight ring, the nine ring…… Lap after lap, a ring and a ring, but as the neighboring city of Beijing, the identity of the embarrassment is still continuing, especially in the internet.


China in several major economic circle, almost every circle are bred into many well-known Internet companies, such as the Pearl River Delta region of the Tencent, NetEase, thunder, play, UC, the Yangtze River Delta region of Alibaba, Shanda, The9, 56, giant network, dianping.com, Ctrip, 19 floor etc.. Although the southwest region of large local Internet Co less, but most of the giants have opened a branch, but also a lot of excellent game companies. In recent years, the mobile Internet companies have sprung up, many of them camera360, hotel and other outstanding applications. But the Bohai economic circle, the most miserable, near Beijing, enjoy the days of the original advantages, but there is absolutely no Internet moisture, a decent Internet Co are nabuchushou.

, a serious lag in traditional products

body belongs to Beijing, but the heart is thousands of miles away, which is a true portrayal of the city outside the city of Beijing.

after 2008, by the 19 floor and small fish nets to encourage, the rise of portal hot, personal webmaster, business, entrepreneurs and traditional newspapers, radio and other media have admission. 2010 years later, the local electricity supplier and buy boom slowly rise, and now the traditional companies have to test the water, in fact, most of the shopex + Taobao + Taobao model, and even some of the main is to do. So far, whether it is a portal or electricity supplier, the basic are trapped in a struggle, a large part of quietly died. They rarely take into account the introduction of venture capital, the mouth of the listing is more flicker new employees, self-sufficiency, can earn some money everyone points, this is a reality.


business website blossom everywhere

around the city in three years, making the city demolition reservesof, lead to the outbreak of all kinds of commercial websites. Real estate, car class major sites, the old electricity supplier of HC and Alibaba, Baidu, and Google search class 360 and so on, have been rapidly introduced. However, this kind of substation is mostly channel agent, only a small part is directly under the branch, the main demand is human editors and sales staff. First tier cities rely on brand + combination fudge, in these 234 lines of the city, especially the upstart category of enterprises, live relatively moist.

three, a serious brain drain

this may not be a loss, because at the beginning