grass root counter attack, is not all routine.

today, dark horse games and brother scientists talk about the story of Supercell.

recently, some foreign media news, Tencent is negotiating with the Softbank group, plans to purchase its holdings of Supercell shares, and Tencent have been put into action. Perhaps you did not know this company Supercell, but it developed the "tribal conflict", "Jones island", "Royal war" this a few games, as well as its original adversarial gameplay must have let you go.

Supercell will be China takeover news early in 10 a few days ago had heard before, when the "acquisition" were not directly to the Tencent, and many industry insiders to the buyer is just speculation and analysis which reflects the Supercell piece of fat, many companies are being coveted. The acquisition was mentioned Wanda, giants, music, the world wide web in Kunlun……

can be seen in the past two years, investors out of the country to fight overseas markets, trying to become more and more intense desire for global layout. A year ago, the giant network has combined with Alibaba, negotiations with Softbank and Supercell on acquisitions. Although there has been no consensus because of the price problem, but the giant and the intention of Alibaba is still pending.

The year of

, Softbank’s acquisition of Supercell has also been considered one of the most popular acquisitions in 2013.

"Softbank to approximately $1 billion 500 million acquisition of 51% stake in Supercell. Two years later, Softbank holdings to 73%. According to the Venturebeat, Softbank to Supercell a total investment of nearly $5 billion 500 million. According to the official announcement of the rest of the Softbank, shares are held in the Supercell management personnel and 180 employees in the hands of."

180 team, to achieve $2 billion revenue

is the world’s largest mobile game publisher why so popular, that robbed buy


, as the meaning of its name, "super cell", Supercell has been in each of the small enough individuals, and the convergence of the infinite potential. We look at the recent years staggering data:

in March this year on the line of the Royal war on the line two months after a single monthly income of more than $133 million.

in 2014, a total of 1 billion 800 million players in the world tour Supercell recharge $, equivalent to about RMB


2013-2015 years, when the domestic game makers are keen to brush list "skin", in the world playing awfully obscenity, Supercell had hit a miracle – 2013 camp >