electricity supplier on behalf of the development of the operation of the industry, has become a strategic driver from opportunism.

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which belongs to food, clothing operators, its customers include COFCO, Bosideng etc.. Rui Jinlin had received millions of dollars Saif investment.

With the arrival of the year of the snake

, Chinese electricity generation operation industry has entered its sixth year. In the past 2012, a large number of industry and new entrants to the industry to reveal to us that the industry has entered a period of intense transformation. After the industry and industry chain, 2013 is not everyone can make money for the blue ocean market, more than a single competitive advantage can win the market around the wilderness.

with the transition of industry dramatic arrival, industry resources began to focus on a part of the enterprise, the competitive advantage of a single, not professional service ability of enterprises to accelerate the elimination, in a word, the development of electricity generation operation industry, has developed from an opportunistic type into a model, model driven development strategy.

so I think that in the end in 2013 can be based on the development of nothing more than three models: service value chain segmentation model, service value chain integration model, a high degree of industry focus model.

1, service value chain model, that is, professional subdivision model. This mode is very special, because when the industry resources to focus on firms generally, not fully control the upstream and downstream industry chain service capabilities of the company, it is bound to get a huge boost in the specialization can survive.

most of these companies are small and beautiful, that is, the scale is not large, but the higher the degree of professionalism, the higher the general profit margin. These companies focus on the service value chain segments, including shooting, quality inspection, marketing, customer service and other aspects, relying on the professional value of the professional value of specialization points to provide professional services to customers and partners.

usually, can be achieved in the field of professional advantages of the enterprise, often have the experience of traditional retail and real enterprise services. For example, marketing companies have many years of offline marketing and marketing planning, such as part of the call center transformation to do online customer service. The knowledge of these enterprises is strong, can be quickly copied in the professional division, the rapid growth of enterprises.

but these enterprises is weak, and the leading professional not be exceeded, if the industry has the same oligarchy and their professional ability, while they are in the industry resources and other advantages but not with the oligarchs compared will pose a threat to its own in addition, another risk lies in these enterprises if, for the extension of the value chain, can quickly lose competitive advantage.

2, with small and beautiful contrast, more advantage is currently in industry firms. Service value chain