in the rapid development of the Internet today, there have been some new trends. For example: lawyers like to use Westlaw, IT buyers to search for Knowledge Storm, and engineers and technical buyers prefer Makepolo, as well as some financial and medical vertical search engine. The common ground of these websites is – professional, these are the website that makes unremitting efforts for the professional, because there are many benefits, will continue to attract more people’s attention.

why is it important to become a professional today

now because the Internet is no longer just a tool for entertainment and leisure, more and more people work every day are not from the network, so the needs of the people on the Internet is different, this is also an important symbol of a mature internet. Moreover, this is not only in the Internet, any media are in accordance with the development of such a route. In the United States, television advertising revenue growth rate once lost under the radio, magazines, newspapers, professional TV program only to pay more attention to the appearance from golf, gardening, food and financial and other professional channels. Now with the development of search engines, such things happen again on the internet.

general search engine in the search results feedback, usually do not know what the user search, which indicates that it is likely to be irrelevant results. The most classic example is that the buyer in the general search engine to find the key word "perfume", and finally get the results of most of the song "perfume toxic" MP3 download. They look for the perfume in the Makepolo, only with product related results, even the perfume "light" and "accurate volatility" that can find, this is why professional on the Internet today has become one of the important reasons.

precise purchase search target group


for a supplier of products such as Makepolo, in the procurement of professional search engine, can more easily gather his target groups than in Baidu and Google, in fact there are comprehensive search engine more and more suppliers to abandon those expensive and not what effect. 2007 to engineers and technology buyers trend report, 79% of survey participants for work related to the use of two or more than two kinds of search engines, and 51% of the respondents think that their Makepolo is one of the most frequently used three search engines.

marketing work is often compared to similar to the "where there is fish, where fishing" rules of the game, but also to use the appropriate bait, this analogy can associate to network marketing. A general search engine is a vast expanse of water, each one can imagine the fish swim in the sea, and like Makepolo professional purchasing search engines like the pond, there may be only one or two kinds of fish swim in the water. What is the most important fish they want to catch up with the supplier?