This year to do the webmaster customer service as Miss  

casually phrase, end all my life network. Only sigh, do the webmaster customer service is better to do miss. Relaxed, chatting and laughing, cuddle, then take the money and run. Do the webmaster service, rinse, play, play, also. Money did not get, but also the boss scolded that the service is not good. Two years, eat bitterness, only we know these customer service

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To celebrate the 6 anniversary of

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  the network is very depressed, the decline of Sp, GG K, the price is more and more low, alliance more and more black, more and more heavy buckle…… So the webmaster forum also appeared in a variety of selling station, Dj station is facing the same problem, the last day, have a website advertising advertising package of a moon also needs more than 20 thousand, today this year, bought a similarly large website, is also only 20 thousand yuan. One year is short, the difference is too big.

6 months. Stationmaster net Trading Forum ( intermediary gradually into the mature.