a blog promotion experience

for personal websites and small and medium enterprises website to use the blog to promote a 0 cost and effect is obvious way to promote a new station, to be a good choice, the site to be the engine will play a great role in promoting, the choice of the blog must have the skills, can not register a blog go to the promotion, for example: Sina blog, blog, Baidu and other Sohu NetEase are very good. It is best to use each of the registered 3-6 8-15 expansion (focus), the other can be registered one or two expansion point of water on the OK.


forum post promotion

is now a lot of big forum no signature, but not all, so can not let go, there is a perfect signature of course to write posts. Even if the ads do not take you in the post, others see your personal signature, or he for your signature in the content of interest. Will run along. Now write, write posts to find tips, if you write a post that even a fool can see is AD, but the content is a hot topic in the story, antecedents and consequences of interaction force strong enough thunder, I think is the most by the moderators are not delete what you earn.

three, through the soft to get the chain

write soft when not perfunctory, the best of the original false original, like a teacher to write to you as serious writing. Write level, write practical, do not inject your ads in the soft, you are now marking the teacher is thousands of webmaster. Write a strong reading of the text to the webmaster nets such as: Admin5.COM, CHINAZ.COM, ZANTIE.COM. Read more. Reproduced more, one for two, two and four. Think about the flow, drag…! but, for many beginners, to write a good soft Wen is not an easy thing to do. But don’t gas barrier, there will be small steamed Steamed Buns (invisible to Wangzai advertising)

four, the link

for many novice, how to improve the site’s SEO keywords ranking is a very difficult thing, a lot of friends every day to search for information, that urgent. So looking for the chain must be higher than the weight of your station. You don’t have to find friendship you Pidianpidian and others’ mating". Some people say that the Internet "content is king, the chain for the emperor" every day to find similar sites for collection and processing some content updates to the website, but the key word ranking did not rise, therefore, must find another way, to take a very small price to get outside the chain of good, but the threshold to be very low, almost no learning ability in preschool. According to my years, can get the chain, with some good webmaster tools such as tool.chinaz, webmasterhome.cn, linkhelper.cn and other tools to query your website, so you can leave a record on their website, the search engine.