Internet and vertical industry with the output stage is coming, probably in the next few years we will often hear some of the less well-known companies listed on the news, it will be the arrival of the era of flowers kingdom.

recently has a statistics on China’s capital sector from 1 to August, the hottest of which is the industry of the Internet and health care in the world, from two to 2010. The former financing amount is about $700 million, which is about 650 million. In this regard, I asked a friend to do investment: This is not meant to be sought after by the medical website capital?.

in the past 10 years, the Internet China probably be divided into two stages: the first stage is the "entertainment", on behalf of the business is SP, online games, Internet value-added services; the second stage is the "business", on behalf of the business is SEM, electronic commerce. In the next 10 years, "business" will play a leading role, the most important opportunity comes from the combination of the Internet and vertical industry.

the Internet is showing its true power, it will promote the evolution and transformation of traditional business. This reminds me of Ma and Robin Li said: after several years, in my memory, Ma, Robin Li said a word: after several years, all companies are Internet Co".

that’s why it’s because I recently noticed a change in the healthcare industry. Frankly, health care is one of the most closed and traditional industries. Even in the deep penetration of the Internet, the United States, the United States is still stubbornly resist the revolution from the information technology. But now the ice began to melt, Google and Microsoft have successively entered the field, Google Health has even managed the cases provided by the radiation of the 100 million population of the United states.

in Chinese, although the so-called "health portal" has a lot of, 39 Health Network, and the gateway has the health care category vertical channels of their own, but to be honest, more is to provide some simple information only, not to take root in the industry, the operation mode of the industry can not see any the possibility of change. However, this situation is quietly changing, such as the network triage mode appears.

industry may not too familiar with the "good doctor" is the founder of the website, before the Yahoo China search division general manager Wang Hang, before GSK did, just across the medical and Internet community. This site is playing network triage, I first talk about its possible subversion of the medical service model.

good doctor has a mysterious team, there are now more than and 60 people, it is estimated that the future will be more and more huge. They are served in the frontline doctors, medical or educational background, every thing to do is to review the patient submitted the case information for diagnosis, and then sorting docking to the outpatient expert. The "patient first" model correspondence is now the medical industry "Paihao outstanding" and "scalpers priority" mode.

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