as everyone knows, the last month, Baidu Ali mother because of stimulation, suffering from severe cold, Baidu a sneeze, which led to a lot of small sites had an infectious disease, a large number of personal website was removed from Baidu, thousands, tens of thousands of previously included, all of a sudden become 1 or completely cleared. These K sites are doing the same thing: almost all released Ali Mama advertising, therefore, these sites are the reasons why Baidu clear crystal clear. It seems that this month’s event, Baidu once again confirms the full facts appearing nervous in public.


(pictures circulated on the Internet, the webmaster removed Ali Mama advertising to Baidu, "mercy")

The more than and 10 author’s website

, the content is different, there is a normal station, station, but absolutely no human search engine cheating, a month ago, Baidu has all the feathers, most of the remaining domain home page was collected, a part of the domain name from a few thousand to 0 included included. Previously accumulated tens of thousands of IP per day, a little less than a day to less than 5000IP (the rest from Google, YAHOO, etc.). I remain perplexed despite much thought, why Baidu more than and 10 on my website, suddenly so? Trance, I suddenly found my point: all these sites released the Ali Mama advertising


tried many different efforts, such as increasing the frequency of updates, increase the original content, to replace the domain name, and so on, but are not touched Baidu uncle, the new domain name not included, have been included in the domain name do not increase but decrease gradually. Heaven is blind, winter yet, but let me thoroughly see the Internet’s winter once frustrated, ready to give up.

after a month of suffering, today finally ushered in the warm spring breeze. Just about 5 points (the webmaster can imagine an old webmaster and spent the night in a rough), I view access statistics, surprise visits Biao this morning during this period of time to rise. Surprise, surprise! The statistics data, I was surprised to find that many access by those from the previous name Baidu depilates, found site in Baidu, the domain name was K, now most miraculous return to the state before K, although not included in the number of parts before, but can "revive" has been regarded as a miracle. Baidu will have lost the domain name K re included, which itself is an unprecedented thing! Baidu, admire ah ~

view, Baidu cold has fully recovered, or that Baidu is not too cold, it’s just faking it, it will just cause everyone’s attention, it would like to tell you (especially mom): you don’t underestimate me, I get angry, you are not good