Shenzhen Chinese commercial news reporters Huang Shun

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the city of and 58 city network to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out a commitment to the center of information fraud, promising to take the initiative to delete, shield, reduce the site’s false, fraudulent information. It is reported that this year, the city involved in the search engine, the classification of various types of fraud information website nearly a thousand cases, a total of more than ten million cheated funds. Next, the police will continue to be involved in the fraud website exposure, interviews rectification.

search engine involves posing as customer service fraud

according to the police, the search engine is mainly involved in the case of fraud online loans, posing as customer service fraud cases.

on the afternoon of August 9th, Mr Wen would like to book a flight to Chengdu from Shenzhen. He used a mobile phone search website "tickets", in a series of information in a superb collection of beautiful things of a sort, click on the website of the. According to the site to leave the 400 customer service call in the past, pick up the phone is a woman, the other told Mr. Wen can book tickets and sent a bank account to his cell phone, let him transfer.

Wen hung up the phone and then rushed to the airport, in the process of receiving a phone call said to bring a bank card to the ATM machine, after the operation will receive flight information. Mr. Wen went to the airport ICBC ATM operation, according to the instructions of the other side constantly on the ATM machine click menu. Then he will receive the verification code on the mobile phone to inform each other, have been transferred out of 24567 yuan, found deceived immediately after receiving the debit SMS mobile phone.

classification information network involving multi part fraud

and classified information website is mainly involved in the case of fraud online rental, shopping and online part-time fraud type.

July 31st, the victim Qinmou through a classified information website click on a "home" part-time ", add customer service QQ, as a friend. Customer service to explain their part-time jobs after Zhang sent a company application form and a link to the victim after clicking the link according to the customer’s prompt completion of the first single task, the customer will be the principal (100 yuan) and Commission (5 yuan) to the victim.

then again sent to the customer service link, link with Alipay after the victim to pay 5232 yuan to complete the task. But the service did not repay the principal and commissions, the victim asked the customer service, customer service to answer three orders to return to complete the task. The main things to a part, not enough money, the Commission completed second tasks to return the principal, the customer service did not refuse. The victim again pay 1853 yuan after the completion of the task, not to return the principal customer service again. Finally, the victim was found deceived.

two sites to submit a letter of commitment

yesterday morning, Baidu, two of the 58 city sites relevant responsible person to submit a written reply to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, said the police have been deleted, shielding false information, fraud, and fraud, false publishing company for.