Internet Banking Association recently moves frequently, mutual gold regulatory ideas to discipline, discipline two keywords. This Monday, China Internet Banking Association announced the important norms, standards and management of Internet financial industry, P2P net loan information disclosure standards of the industry believes that the industry self-regulation rules, while net loan institutions outside of each gold platform should also take the time to study the information disclosure regulation draft.

August 1st, Chinese Internet Finance Association (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese mutual Gold Association) standard P2P net loan disclosure of Internet financial information organization dozens of member units and agencies involved in the preparation of experts "(Draft)" and "China Internet Finance Association of Internet financial information disclosure norms and self-discipline management (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as" "standards" and "supporting the self-discipline system") two industry management norms formally to the member units to solicit opinions.

this is regarded as an important action in the industry with China’s mutual gold association with the government to promote mutual gold industry regulation. In 2015, 10 central ministries jointly issued a "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, which requires the association "formulate management rules and industry standards, standard P2P net loan Internet financial information disclosure and the announcement" (Draft) "is required to develop the first standard.

The reason behind the introduction of

standards and self regulatory system is that there are many problems in China’s Internet banking platform in terms of information disclosure. China mutual Gold Association in the "explanation" refers to the Internet, the development of financial market regulation is to promote the establishment and perfection of the mutual gold institutions of information disclosure system, known as the important part of the construction of long-term mechanism Chinese Internet financial risk management.


China Internet Finance Association Li Dongrong recently attended the third session of the the Bund Internet financial summit also stressed that "constructing legal norms, administrative supervision and self-discipline management of the organic combination of inclusive financial governance system".

has been used in some false domain registration platform, false business address, fictitious investment projects and borrowers, fraudulent use of formal financial institutions name or relationship that fabricated false information to confuse investors; at the same time, part of the active information disclosure platform disclosure is not standardized, narrow coverage, such as desalination or ignore the risk of investment, for not appropriate for comparison with the bank deposit interest rates.

China mutual Gold Association pointed out that the problems in the information disclosure of the fraud crime is difficult to be found in time, at the same time, which also caused investors to see gains, at risk "," buy platform, do not buy the product, and then asked "rigid payment problems, directly pushed up the overall risk of Internet the financial industry.

The interface of

news reporter got the letter Phi for net loan "standard" draft, the main contents include 3 categories, namely, institutions information platform operation information and project information, in addition to working organization information, platform operation information can be disclosed to the public, project information only >