the latest news, after six network officially became a member of the grand entertainment empire, recently the main technology products cool six Nets’s PHPCMS the successful launch of the PHPCMS 2008 SP3 version, while upgrading the domestic well-known PHP technology community PHPCMS Official Forum (http://s. The current PHPCMS official forum has been officially upgraded to Discuz! 7.2 community forum system.


figure 01 PHPCMS official forum system upgrade Discuz! Version 7.2

PHPCMS is the only access to ISO90001 certification of CMS, but also the only open source CMS software enterprise qualification and software certification products. Following the well-known video sharing site Ku6 net and grand deal. PHPCMS as a leading content management system, but also a well-known open source PHP development framework. PHPCMS (PHP Content Manage System) is a composed of articles, pictures, download, classification of information, television, mall, acquisition, financial and other more than and 20 function modules is powerful, easy to use, scalable web site management software. The function of PHPCMS coverage, scalability, load capacity, the template is called flexible, it is not only suitable for the construction of general business, government, schools, individuals and small websites, but also suitable for the construction of the portal area, industry portal website, fees and other large and medium-sized website.

since the establishment of the official service forum PHPCMS, PHPCMS official forum has been using Discuz! Community products to build, through the forum to provide users with online community services. After the upgrade of the PHPCMS official service forum, the official use of the new Discuz 7.2 community forum system as the official interactive service platform. After the revision of the PHPCMS official forum service continued until the template style, while incorporating a new theme function score, further increase the interaction of the forum, let the information transfer in the forum more smoothly, allowing users to more easily find their own service information required.

the PHPCMS forum system upgrade, the PHPCMS team said, PHPCMS forum is not only a fancy new version of the function of system compatibility and ease of use, more improvement and optimization, the new version in the community member exchanges and interaction aspects such as attention reply function of increased forum system, technical problems easy to answer. PHPCMS official forum after the upgrade to further improve the community platform user experience, to achieve reverse posts, theme identification, theme, theme forum top score of any function, will provide more professional online services for the majority of PHPCMS users and PHP enthusiasts.