Tencent Francisco (black rain) in Beijing on September 6th news, according to foreign media reports, a survey released on Wednesday showed that, despite the different global mobile technology user language and cultural background, but they often complain about the problem is the same. Most users are troubled by too much information.


survey shows that in the 8 countries surveyed adults and adolescents, about 60% of the people think that too much information leaked online, including inappropriate pictures, without permission to comment, uncivilized words and other disturbing information in daily life.


was commissioned by Intel earlier this year in Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan and the United states. Intel spokesman Jessica Hansen (Jessica Hansen) said: "we love the technology, because technology for us to establish contact with the outside world, brings convenience for us to convey thoughts but also feel at the same time, online information is excessive us."

In an online survey of 7087 adults and more than 1787 teenagers in the above 8 countries, about half said they were overwhelmed by so much information on the Internet,

said. Nearly 90% of people want people to think about the content and methods of sharing information. Although many people complain about excessive sharing of information, few people admit that they are doing the same.

"We feel like people are sharing too much information and not realizing that we are one of them," says


in most cases, people share too much information, while many of the information is false. In Japan, nearly 1/3 of adults admit that they posted false information on the Internet, and 55% said they were completely different from those in real life. In the United States, 19% of people admitted not to tell the truth on the internet.

most people use mobile technology to share information, to express their views, and family and friends to establish contact. The survey showed that most people share information online once a week, while in Brazil, China and India, half of the people share information online every day.

Almost half of the Brazilians surveyed in

said they share online sports information every day. In China, France and Japan, people share their views and information every day. The Chinese admit they are very straightforward, because they share almost all of the information on the Internet, but half of the adults surveyed said they share too much personal information on the internet. 41% of French people say that sharing information on the Internet is more convenient than on other occasions. Most Indians are used to publishing their own business on the Internet, but 44% of them will regret and worry about it.

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