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Chinese anti phishing alliance data show that since December last year, the volume of complaints in alliance COM domain name received, 574 phishing domain in February this year in the COM environment, the domain name accounted for 79%, up to 455. COM and other overseas domain names have become the main breeding grounds of China’s phishing sites". Network security experts said that the domain name registration information is not a major cause of repeated applications such as phishing sites.

according to the international security software maker Symantec’s latest release of the global spam and phishing sites monthly statistics report shows that in 2010 the COM domain name bad applications grew 9.5%, reaching $68.6%.

I randomly selected 100.COM domain name, the query registration information, found that the registration information is false information, the real name rate is zero. There are 45 domain name registration information is not true inaccurate, for example, some domain name information, the registrant is a fill in a bracket, telephone number is 090. Criminals in order to avoid regulation, big loophole COM domain name audit lax.


COM exit the domain name bad application status has caused the attention of the international community. Recently, the international anti phishing Organization (APWG) said publicly that the domain name registration information accuracy ICANN global Internet domain name administration is too low, leading to phishing and other bad application. According to the latest survey report of ICANN can be seen, COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, domain name registration information is not real phenomenon is very prominent, the registration information is only accounted for 23% of the total registered information serious false ratio reached 8%, which allowed criminals to carry out bad should use domain convenience, increase governance the difficulty.

domain name system to domain name registration information is true and accurate to protect their legitimate rights and interests of the owners, not just for the domain name of the legitimate interests of users, more important is the hundreds of millions of ordinary users responsible. It is understood that South Korea is the implementation of real name system of common country, real name system has been brought to highlight the effectiveness of Korean Internet economy, against phishing sites, phishing and other network transactions are rare, South Korea in 2009 amounted to $18 billion 200 million. Li Yizhong, Minister of the State Ministry of industry, made it clear that the real name system is a direction, but also the world’s measures to strengthen network management. (Liu Kai)