news May 19th, in the fifth years China Internet webmaster will be held on the occasion, Comsenz’s "stationmaster" magazine interview with Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang, he believes that "the next few years is the industrial restructuring in recent years severe concussion, but also China Internet the most exciting years. Some people self revolution, some people are revolution.

"stationmaster": you said before, China Internet business opportunity is less than before more difficult, can explain in detail? In this context, determined to enter the Internet industry entrepreneurial grassroots webmaster, what are your suggestions or advice?

Dai Zhikang: This is to be treated differently. I think that in recent years, the emergence of a revolutionary Internet Co is more difficult.

this is because, on the one hand, the Internet elephant began to dance". According to the current growth rate of Internet users, China’s Internet users will reach 5~6 billion in 2~3 years later, due to age, education and other issues, the growth rate of Internet users will be significantly slowed down until saturation. Therefore, I believe that the major Internet Co giants will not miss this golden opportunity for large-scale enclosure movement. By then, the service is expected to serve all or most of the universal users of Internet Co will be subject to severe challenges from Internet Co.

on the other hand, large companies of different sizes began to penetrate into each other’s traditional sphere of influence. In general the traditional business, such as search, games, electricity, communications, large companies will consume huge resources for the real thing PK.

of course, these services in the fierce competition in the market, because of its fine degree will greatly improve the operation and service, all kinds of free service users will benefit from more and better, so as to promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry.

but in such a big environment, the opportunity to market segments is particularly prominent. The so-called East does not shine bright in the west. The flagship of the general service of large companies, in the face of complex and fragmented market demand, often seem powerless.

therefore, as long as the webmaster is sensitive to details, in their field or geographical attributes, seize a small demand, in order to meet the needs of users, for users in the field of the best experience and service, are the direction of opportunity.

has two early Internet widely circulated saying: one is chatting on the Internet do not know each other is a cat or dog; another is to do a personal website on the Geocities, people all over the world will see (in theory). After a lapse of ten years, the two argument has a new interpretation. One is the rise of Facebook, people see and understanding of the people in the online real name keep in touch, but also an important demand; on the other hand, the Internet market is so big, the website, especially the development of the personal stations will be more located in the target population to small range offers services in place, and don’t stay in the "people all over the world can see".