technology news September 25th afternoon, the United China Internet association network and Information Security Work Committee of the national Internet Emergency Center held in Beijing will be judged, since the beginning of July 31st, for a period of three months of the Internet network security threat management action more than half the time, received the majority of Internet users to report network security incidents since 29658, has been handling the network security incident 13573.

Since the launch of the

action, the national Internet Emergency Center and the China Internet association through the establishment of a public phone and e-mail reports, a total of 29658 security incidents reported by the majority of Internet users reported.

After verification and analysis of

, the focus of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks), web pages, such as dark chain tampering with the Internet black closely related to the event focused on disposal.

currently has the disposal of network security incidents since 13573, including the disposal of service platform for the sale of 14 DDoS attack, DDoS attack control server 51, participating in the network attack, links to gaming PW 3382; shut down the site did not record 37; notice 1706 has been tampered with and 916 by the website user unit backdoor repair on site.

In addition to

, but also organized the domestic mainstream browser vendors on 18502 malicious web site blacklist intercept or visit access. After nearly two months of operations, denial of service attack (DDoS attack) event times by action before the start of the 1491 daily from now down to 397 per day, down 73.37%; the site has been tampered with in August compared to July decreased by 9.85%, which has been tampered with the government website is down 25.56%; browser intercept hints blacklist the number of nearly ten million times.

attended the meeting, more than 80 business representatives and experts. The meeting to give full recognition of the results achieved by the action, and the network security threat management action to participate in the unit put forward hope: to continue to support and deepen the work of governance action.

Huang Chengqing

is the director of the national Internet Emergency Center pointed out: behind the Internet there is a huge production of black interests of the chain, with action to carry out, will inevitably touch on the chain of interest groups, hope action participation units eliminate worries, positive action, to find the online DDoS attack sale and dissemination of Internet black production behavior resolutely disposal.

at present, in the search engine, such as electronic business platform, users can easily access the DDoS attack tools, software or service attack, action group will develop the disposal process specification as soon as possible, the requirements of the relevant units as soon as possible to carry out the disposal or intercept, eliminate hidden dangers. For the poor disposal of search engines, electronic business platform, will be exposed to the community.

in the last stage of action, the national Internet Emergency Center and China Internet association network and Information Security Committee in good governance action at the same time, explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of an Internet network security threat management, and hope.