review: Baidu’s recent negative news Everfount, "Post Bar" jurisprudence ", Xiao Bian just want to say," finished ", one side is an eventful year of Baidu, one side is happy mission to the public comments, the latest financing ushered in after the merger.

1 fake part of the network to report fraud to the hardest hit users 90 after more than  

at the beginning of 2016, the country’s first Internet fraud reporting platform game network platform based on 24886 cases of Internet fraud case last year, users report, analysis and released the "2015 Internet fraud Trends Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report shows that the total loss amount of reported cases last year for hunting net platform received 1.27 more than 100 million yuan, 5106 yuan per capita loss. Report from the user’s age, after 90 had accounted for more than half of the total.

report shows that in 2015, from the perspective of gender differences in victims, male victims accounted for 68.3%, is a woman of the times of two, of which the average per capita loss of men and women, $5729 for women. Hunting net platform leader Pei Zhiyong said, although the per capita loss of women than men is slightly higher, but found that the 2015 data comparison with previous years, the per capita loss of men cheated over the previous year growth of 157%; while women cheated loss per capita growth of 136% over the previous year, 2015, male victims per capita loss growth rate for the first time higher than the female".

2 to be interviewed after Baidu still Post Bar jurisprudence  

Baidu said it has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to combat vulgar information open universal report it to accept the report

recently, the national network information office on a number of issues found in the Baidu Post Bar Baidu Inc responsible person interviewed. Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of the network letter office, after verification found that part of the post bar, including the existence of a number of illegal information, including pornography, has been ordered to rectify the company. However, JINGWAH Times reporter in the afternoon of 18 survey found that there are still a lot of jurisprudence information Baidu Post Bar, some people even pornographic information trading in Post Bar, even to pornographic information transactions as bait for network fraud.

pornographic pictures sought by users

through the search found that as early as 2014, there is the media exposure Baidu Post Bar 52 websites, for Mafia related violence involving the relevant departments of the investigation are yellow. However, in the interview, the national network information office responsible person in an interview with the media, again Baidu Post Bar jurisprudence problem, and ordered its rectification.

3 expect traffic to solve all the problems of Baidu, now it is harmful to  

, mobile shops, service life, every market search after the turn, Baidu was late.

over the past year, after 5 times the scale of billions of mergers, burned a few years of money to stabilize the Internet life. Taxi, takeaway, buy, electricity providers, travel with these services >