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March 12th, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China Fan Yifei at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress press conference revealed that the central bank will start running non bank payment account system from July 1st, to meet the consumers increasingly diversified, personalized consumer demand for payment. In other words, the central bank to pay for the network platform has been less than 4 months. The deadline is approaching, in line with the central bank as "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" provisions, several major domestic payment platform is bound to start the real name authentication.

these days, Alipay and WeChat are in the official channels of news release, suggesting that the upcoming "upgraded" authentication of the user account, this statement is the industry that is the start of the account name system in advance "".

central bank regulations: Payment institutions bear the obligation to understand your customers

announced in December last year, according to the law, Payment institutions should be based on the status of customer authentication will be divided into three categories of personal network payment account, and provides information on the various types of account certification standards.


The new Alipay

central bank WeChat users need to do it I account is mainly suitable for small, temporary customer payment, authentication is the most simple and quick, can quickly open I account and complete the payment. Need only an external channels to verify the identity of customers information (such as online check of citizen identity information), the account balance can be used for consumption and transfers, both convenience and security for the account transaction limit is relatively low.

"measures" requirements, Payment institutions to open payment accounts in class II and class III, respectively, by at least three, five external channels to verify the identity of customers information, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, to prevent criminals open anonymous or pseudonymous account engaged in fraud, cash, money laundering or terrorist financing and other illegal activities, is put forward the payment institutions regulatory requirements.

network payment account information will affect the balance of the use of

is the central bank’s new regulations constraints, Alipay, WeChat payment online payment platform in order to ensure that users can still use the existing smooth payment service in July 1st after it began operations.


The new Alipay

central bank WeChat users need to do it for 22 days, the official Alipay micro-blog said in a statement, Alipay will officially launch the work of upgrading and transformation of related systems in the "measures" after the introduction of related operations and help users." 25 at noon, WeChat paid in its official account, WeChat to pay the wisdom of life, entitled the WeChat payment to help you improve the account information.

why Alipay "certification" can


ant Gold Service Group Customer Center certified micro-blog account explicitly replied, according to the non bank payment institutions >